Joshua Hyatt

The Over-Correction of America By: Joshua R. Hyatt

After eight years of a Donald Trump presidency the future was looking bright for the United States, but liberal uproars and democratic resistance surged. Hillary Clinton was elected, though support for her had diminished, since sexual harassment claims against her husband couldn’t be dodged. In desperation she ran with Berny Sanders as her vice-presidential pick. Her gamble worked. The mainstream media had thoroughly convinced the voters that conservatives were a racist bunch and that lowering taxes would drive the country into another depression. Laws were placed against conservative speakers. Republicans were shamed and so harassed they couldn’t gain employment. Being a Republican was the only thing worse than being racist and it was the majorities thought that guilt was the only emotion a conservative had the right to feel. Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma and Nebraska were the last of the republican states until a successful assassination of a republican congressman. Now every elected official is either leftist or far leftist.

Cal Berkeley is recognized by most to be morally superior to all schools and a few years ago a law went into effect that made it mandatory that a political enforcer from Berkeley accompany all politicians from every state. You don’t leave your house without your body guard or political enforcer.

It’s not uncommon for teachers to be beat up by students if they offer hateful insight of conservatives or history. All history books were destroyed as hate speech literature and rewritten in a more politically correct way.

Laws and taxes were administered with deadly effectiveness. Disagreeing with the moral leadership is of course racist. Years after Clinton, Sanders were gone, lawmakers implemented a light eye tax. Most see it as the fairest law to date. If you have blue or green eyes you have to pay a small tax and immediately sign up for brown contacts with your Medicare provider. It is offensive to remind the people around you that your ancestors are who they are. Though most of the great medical minds have fled, the government still has to keep taxes high for all to have heath care and contacts they need.

Most of the country’s wealthiest and smartest have long since fled to Poland. In the early years Poland took the wealthy and bright American refugees and is now flourishing despite having U.S. trade sanctions placed against them. Descendants of Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Tucker Carleson are leading Poland to economic greatness and are leaders and activists trying to help the trapped citizens of America. The Ford Motor Company stayed in America despite urging from advisors and eventually failed. Jessee Waters and Greg Gutfelds’ descendants met the same end when they stayed and tried to bring America back to greatness.

Country music has been outlawed for some time now. Its recorded as descendants of racists and is considered hate speech. Underground rodeos happen and are looked down on as dog fighting use to. Now the rodeos of old only flourish down in brazil and Australia. A birthrights act went in to effect as a way to allow white people to have children as long as it was with a different race and no more than two children. It’s a sign of the liberal generosity of the great American government to allow even that much, though petitions are in the federal courts to try to end that act. Mandatory sterilization is what the petitions are arguing for. This same group of petitioners want to remove the monuments of Hillary Clinton and Berny Sanders because they were too conservative. Surprisingly the group is led by a descendant of Hillary Clinton who is a graduate and alumni of Cal Berkeley.

There are small communities in northern Washington and there are rumors of a community in Maine where white women who are racist enough to get pregnant by a white male can hide out in safety and eventually be smuggled out in to Russia or through to Poland. CNN, the biggest news organization and government ran programming, is trying to uncover these illegal smugglers that harbor these racist and traitorous women. They brag that they are getting close.

The American flag is different color stripes with the words “Equality for all” in block letters. Being caught with the old red, white and blue flag is now punishable by up to six months in jail and one year of probation.

Sports have almost been eradicated completely. It’s seen an unfair way to prove someone is physically better than someone else. Many athletes fled with their families but unfortunately most didn’t in time. Some descendants of hall of fame athletes help to smuggle families out of the U.S. Berkeley political enforcers tout their moral superiority and make their presence known at the airports and ship ports, making sure everyone has their contacts in and that no one is fleeing the country with their personal wealth. Those people are looked at as greedy and as traitors. If captured their wealth will be redistributed throughout the higher political society and they will be imprisoned for no less than seven years.

A cousin to one of the descendants of Obama, who was documented as the first president in the new non-hate speech history books, is currently in prison for cooperating with one of Steve Bannon’s descendants to create an employer’s union so they could maintain their businesses and create a better economy. As everyone knows a better economy only helps the wealthy and the wealthy are undeserving of being helped. The fate of these two right wing racists is up in the air. The top heads of the Berkeley political enforcers are in debates about it.

Christianity is considered a radical religion and religious protections are fading. Protesters and the future political democrats are seriously considering adding Christianity to the list of cult groups, which would make them lose their protections under the freedom of religion act.

Some of the world, outside of the U.S. is being affected by liberal leadership as well. Jerusalem no longer has the aliedship of the U.S. and is falling quickly. The Vatican has one of the strongest militaries with Italy as a whole ready to defeat it. It’s the last strong hold of Catholicism outside of Ireland.

Denuclearization and military cut backs have upended the superpower title of the U.S.. Russia and China are the last ones left with Poland, gaining ground as an economic powerhouse. All three have the best and brightest inventors and medical minds of the generation. U.S. government ran farms and bakeries have lines blocks long and have a message “Everyone is equal, and no one goes unfed.”, though a lot do. High tax and equal income act no matter what job has driven the economy into the ground. Why work construction when you have free college, or you can work part-time at a restaurant and make the same amount of money. You couldn’t make enough money as a doctor for all the schooling to be worth it. The economy is down and refusing to trade with anyone who trades with Poland and Russia hasn’t helped as they now have the least taxed trade deals and successful economies. Things here don’t seem to be getting better either. You can probably guess at what else went wrong with the extreme liberal policies.

Joshua Hyatt
DOC #135182

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