Jamar Myers

Womenizer – by Jamar Myers

Truthfully speaking I hate womenizers, my little brother’s father was one. He was a drunk, he beat my mother, and he called her every name but her own, and he use to spit on her. I couldn’t even defend her because I was only a ten year old kid, and it hurt because I couldn’t help her. The yelling and the beatings, watching them made me cry, and made me mad and I wanted to fight him back to protect my mother. Because of my brother’s dad womenizing ways it made me want to love, care for, and protect any women around me. So I’ve always tried to see all women as Queens.
I know there are women who wwent through the same thing my mother went through, and I know they have kids who either did the best they could to protect there mother or hated deep inside that they couldn’t protect their mother whether the mother knows how there child felt or not.

Because my mother was so busy protecting herself, she couldn’t provide me the emotional, verbal or physical love I needed to not only know was there but also feel. So she only provided a form of physical providence: Food, shelter, and clothing. But I never faulted her for the other forms of love that I needed but did not get. But also not having those other loves affected our relationship and connection. Those other forms of love is love that all children need. This is why I am working on my parenting book from the child’s prospective (me-the child). This book is called “Love Your Child” It will help you and your child grow together if followed if you are a parent that may be in this type of situation with a man who is abusive that may be seperating you and your child’s connection, or you and your child may still have these problems of not having the other forms of live due to other reasons.

Ladies that may be currently going through abuse or went through it in the pass, write me, talk to me. Tell me how you overecame the abuse as my mother did, hopefully it happened before a disconnection came between you and your child.

write me or email me and I’ll do all that I can to support those who are presently going through abuse, or to help or give advice to mother’s who are having issues with their child due to a disconnection. There is always a way out of an abusive relationship, there is always a way to protect yourself. Even if you don’t have kids, but know someone going through the same thing I’ll help. Sometimes verbal guidence on how to proform a needed action is all that’s needed, and I’ll listen. Somwtimes that’s all that may be needed to gain the needed strenght.

You can contect me by downloading the JPay app or going to JPAy.com and open a account to email me directly. All you need is my name: Jamar Myers, and my SBI#: 830254-CYou can also send me a friend request on facebook, my fb name is: JamarMyersThaAuthor… And my address where I am at is: E.J.S.P, Lock Bag-R, Rahway, New Jersey 07068.. God Bless

Love is Love, Mine is Real

Jamar Myers
DOC #830254-C/1122299

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