Kody Osco


I want the world to know how freaking twisted the prison system is… first issue is what we refer to as “mad jackers” ,these are inmates that have a dozen or more jack tickets often these are the ones that are not labeled low sex offenders, I mean these guys go out of their way, library, chow hall on the phone In front of hundreds of men . its very disturbing any man that will jack in the chow hall,school , library is a future sex offender and the public should be made aware of these. inmates it’s so bad guys are tying strings to their big toe then running strings up and around bleep!! I guess like a puppet kind of set up.. any ways here at W.C.I. they promote these kind of inmates making them porters, (SGT WINKLER) it seems like they get all the good jobs to feed their sick addiction. some one really needs to expose this flaw and BRIng fourth a solution to someone that will address and expose these inmates that our currently under the radar. as their are to many woman and children falling victim to sex crimes and if only the prison system put into motion ways to ensure if you are labeled a mad jacker because of hella tickets then you will be required to register as a sex offender.. it just bothers me so bad that this simple issue is being over looked all because the rich person doesn’t want to put fourth a couple extra dollers to correct and change the laws or policey I mean they have no problem charging these guys for assault, or drugs in the prison system just saying I want it to be heard that correcting this issue would save someone a lot of possible damage. and it don’t even take that much change, the new major Vance is old school I believe he understands that to avoid the big issues among inmates , staff must first enforce the simple little rules , and not play favorites. you tax payers should be calling up here ask for the public records. if you apply pressure through the administration things do change..
the amount of drugs comming into w.c.i . is unacceptable meath,cut with the cheapest and often straight raid crystal’s ( this is a very dirty cheap dangerous kind of saulty Meath riddle with poison.. they take raid/wasp killer spraying it on a window or grill gritle then apply a little eltric charge with a battery and jumper cables , it crystallises looking just like Mexican ice, except this raw dope is ten times dirtier, if any one you know is struggling with drug. addiction a tell tail sign that they are being tricked into believing they are using Mexican ice. but instead are using a mixture that is more raid then ice and much more dangerous, is lots of soars or what looks like syricest mostly from sweating as the body is doing everything it can to push the poison out as fast as it can through the skin poors.. if any one has a loved one and needs help looking for signs or a way to indirectly plant a seed to help some one they love,, I want you to know I’m here and have lots of time to help in situations will share all my experience to help you.. my sister is still struggling in denial and I fear I may lose her before I finish this sentence.. I love her dearly..
here at W.C.I they sell us the one thing no prison should lemon juice.. “”why?”” because it breaks all major drugs down, so they can easily be shot up, you can also use lemon juice to test the quality of drugs so dealers and user’s are having a field day here at warren correctional, this joint is so wack, its like falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in wonderland..
just wanted to blog the world a little factual opinion…

Kody osco
DOC #640807

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