Jennifer Prince

Polk and Sutter Children of the Night (Part Two) by Jennifer Prince

It didn’t begin with selling my body. In the beginning I met this real cute guy who eventually became my sons’ father. I wondered why he hung out on a street that was prominently gay men and always jumped in and out of cars. He told me it was a good place to sell weed. With a good thick roll of money in his pocket I believed him. I was pretty niave.
The Tenderloin area was different back in the 80 s. I’ll never forget the kindness of the owners of a pizza parlor on Polk and Sutter called Pizza metro. They allowed us shelter and even fed us. Us kids were family and we stuck together. To this very day I have a bond with those who are still alive that I can’t quite explain. You just wouldn’t get it unless you lived it.
I rode on the shirt tails of my friends for awhile. I was stunned to learn that people resided in hotels. Even more so hotels with bathrooms in the hallway and roaches everywhere. One of us would rent the room for $5 one by one we’d enter and stay the night. Those days were filled with alcohol, weed,and acid. I did crystal but not as much in the beginning.
We had fun watching the Queens parade around. I loved them and they cared for me.If anyone messed with their babies whoever it was would see the maternal instinct kick in.
I was friends with these 3 sisters whom I still know to this very day. They too jumped in and out of cars. So I asked if I could help This is when I met Porsche Mike……?

Jennifer Prince
DOC #W45626

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