Matthew Epperson

Good To Be Alive by Matthew Epperson

Christopher S. Sasko. My gay, republican, single friend. How much I enjoy our talks on the phone and jpay. This is a man that I lied to at the beginning of our acquiantanchship and, after coming clean, he still has money on the phone for me to call him. Buddy, I saw your name next to forgiveness and friendship in the dictionary. Thank you for being in my life and being a benefactor to my success. God bless you, Chris.

Has anyone been outside today? At least where I stand, it is beautiful. A little chilly, but magnificent. A gorgeous Friday to begin the weekend. The smells of spring are in the air. The days are getting a tidbit longer. Barbecues, swimming, live concerts, festivals, camping trips, hiking, and an array of sumer activities are being planned. I wish I was free to enjoy all of these things with you all, but not until 2027. However, you all can share your experiences with me on Anything that makes me live vicariously through pictures/videos is a blessing.

To get back on track, I want to say this. When you come to a place in your life where you are very limited in what you can do, you begin wishing you had done more. So, world, get out there! Check marks off your bucket list. Be free to live on the edge. Do something crazy (Not dangerous!) Take that trip. Go to that festival. Share your experiences with one another. Help someone achiever their goals. Read a book. Take a nap!

Years are gone in a blink and days are past in a thought. It is a great day to be alive. Enjoy life because once you are gone, there is no more time to do these things. A saying I use to say all of the time and still believe it to be true today: Memories are more valuable than money. Make ’em!

Keep cool, have a good day, and go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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