James Kelly

THOUGHTS OF A 40 YEAR OLD FELON By: Difference (aka: James Kelly)

I think maybe as humans we’ve lost sight of what life’s about. It took me being excommunicated, and ostricized from society. Seperated from people, family and love. To learn, to see life through different eyes. I’m segregated in a place where violence, aggression, and just being ugly to one another are the “norm”.
Well life is about being positive, being good to one another, taking care of a
one another and looking after one another. Motivating and encouraging one another. If we just take the time to be nice, say something, be there with or for someone. Then maybe as individuals we can make a difference. Life is about love, friendship and helping one another. So just remember daily to try to be a little nicer, say something nice, and lend help if possible. Just saying something encouraging to someone can change a life. And remember that every day of life, freedom, love, and family are a gift from God. So you don’t know when it can be your last. So don’t take them for granted.

James Kelly
DOC #59979

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