“INMATE AUTHORS”… by keon lewis

some of the best authors are serving prison sentences or have served time at some point in there life,I believe experience is the best teacher! sometimes it takes for something bad to happen, before someone actually learns from the bad situation.. I’ve been in and out of institutions since I was about 14yrs old, I am now 33yrs old serving a 27yr sentence for aggravated manslaughter, I told myself that I didn’t wanna put a burden on my family, by asking for money every month for support, so I decided to be a writer,I have been through a lot in my years on this earth, I’ve been in shootouts, drug raids,stabbings,robberies etc you name it,I’ve done it! I wanna tell my story and maybe help that kid that’s idolizing the “gangster life” and believe me its not cool when your laying in a casket or doing life in a one man cell with a cellmate! some men turn into homosexuals, some turn into addicts, some loose they’re minds and get on psych medicine to escape reality, I am the author of two books, one that’s been published “TALEZ FROM THE STREETZ” available on Amazon, Barnes &Nobles,EBay and all online retailers!! “TALEZ FROM THE STREETZ 2″(salute me or shoot me) coming soon!! for any questions regarding my life, books or anything, open to being friends as well, I can be reached via mail or email (jpay) download the jpay app for free and put my name and SBI number(489829-c) thank you for reading my blog,more to come soon.


DOC #489829-c

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