Keith Brooks

“Hard Work and Dedication” By Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks

With hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything. This statement is not fiction it’s a fact. I am the prime example that with hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and make your dreams become reality.
Before my incarceration I was an aspiring rapper coming up through the mixtape scene. I was a very active gang member and drug dealer living the fast life. I was very focused on my career but I was also heavy into the streets. Due to my arrogance and flamboyant lifestyle I began to attract haters that envied me. I was ridin clean and had the whip sittin up on chrome shoes. I was always in the club turnt up and throwing money. I was always dressed nice and kept a blue bandanna in my left poccet or tied around my head. I rocced the mic at a couple of small clubs and stayed in the studio recording new songs. Just as I self released my first “2” mixtapes and was on the rise to power, I ended up catching a case and was sent to prison. A person that I allowed to get too close to me and see too much cash attempted to set me up to get robbed and killed. I made the choice to take the law into my own hands and ride on them first. I ended up with a 15 year sentence.
Music has meant so much to me since I was a little kid. All I ever wanted to do was become a famous rapper. I started rappin when I was about 8 years old. I used to record all of my favorite rap videos every time they we’re shown on television. I used to perform in the mirror and imagine that I was on stage in front of millions. I made up my mind at an very early age that I was going to become a famous rapper. Unfortunately I got incarcerated at the age of 15 and had to serve almost 5 years. I ended up catching a few more cases after that which led me to this 15 year sentence I’m serving now.
Despite my lengthy sentence, I decided not to give up on my dreams. I took it upon myself to start my own entertainment company and release music under my own label. I spent long nights reading, writing, and networking with very important people. My Unoz have remained loyal to me and have continued to support me throughout the hard times. Since my incarceration I lost my whole immediate family to death. I lost my biggest supporters and the only “2” people that really loved me unconditionally. I lost quite a few homies to gang violence as well. Through all of those trials and tribulations I’ve managed to maintain my sanity and turn my negative situation into a positive one.
I just released my 6th album and my 1st book since my incarceration. “Locaveli 2: I’m Reloaded” is available for download everywhere online and my “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” autobiography will be released thru very soon. I never seen anybody release a music video from prison besides myself. I released my “Coast Gang” video on YouTube in January so checc that out. The video to another one of my songs will be released in May. I’m currently working on my documentary which will be released 6 months after I get released from prison. 2 years after that a movie on my life will be released. I also run “Bluec Steel Magazine” on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I’m also working on adding the journalist title to my resume. Music by “Chaos Loc” can be found on Apple Music, ITunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and With hard work and dedication I have managed to upload my music to these music platforms.
Everyday of my life I work hard and stay dedicated to my career because it’s my destiny to become successful in life. No matter what type of terrible situation you find yourself in, you can always turn it around and make the best out of it. Never give up when things get tough because success doesn’t come easy. I have managed to stay in shape and build big muscles because I remain dedicated to working out hard each and everyday. I only eat healthy food and I only eat sweets once every 12 months. Avoiding eating cake, cookies and candy for a whole year is not easy at all. Doing 1,600 push ups, 1,000 dips, and 500 pull ups is not easy either. All of that is hard work and not easy, but I’m dedicated to that lifestyle. It took hard work and dedication for me to reach those high reputations. With hard work and dedication you can reach your goals and be successful in your life. Never let anything or anybody come between you and your dreams. With that being said, go hard in the paint and never give up.


My Music On YouTube:

Thumbin thru da mail
Feelin free
I just wanna
Coast gang video

Keith A. Brooks #A599527 (Earliest Release Date: 10-25-19)
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd. (Latest Release Date: 2023)
Youngstown, Ohio 44505 ( Brooks #A599527)

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