Keon Lewis

Introducing Keon Lewis

hi my name is Keon Lewis #489829-c northern state prison p.o. box 2300 Newark nj 07114 ..I am 33yr old my bday is DEC 23rd 1984, I’ve been incarcerated since October 2014 I was originally charged with felony murder, my case was a high profile case”Craig list murderer” some fake friends of mine used my Benz truck to bate a buyer,and long story short ,somebody was killed, I was facing a life sentence and took a plea deal of 27yrs to avoid a life sentence.. my release date is 2037 ,I’m currently fighting my sentence, because 2 of my codefendants received 7yr sentences for putting the murder on me being tho it was my Benz truck.. the truck was in my mothers name,so that took part in my decision to plea deal and keep my mother safe from any charges..since I’ve been incarcerated, I wrote 2books and published one titled” talez from the streetz” by keon Lewis available on Amazon, Barnes& noble and all online retailers,”talez from the streets2(salute me or shoot me)” coming soon!!! I am also thinking about telling my life story, from being gang affiliated, drug dealer and convicted murderer, I am a very loyal guy,I am looking for loyal friends to correspond with,I look forward to emailing/ writing. blogging is new to me, but I am highly interested. I am currently housed in the worst prison in the state of new Jersey, locked in my cell 21hours a day!!! gang fights,drugs,corruption,etc look forward to hearing from you

Keon Lewis
DOC #489829-c

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