Karen Newberry

Introducing Karen Newberry

Hi my name is Karen but everybody has always called me Kari…..if you are calling me Karen I know I’m probably in trouble lol…..I’ve been in prison for 4 years now…..I never thought I could make it this long ……I was definitely over sentenced…. I got into a fight with another girl …..she got a black eye …..I got a 12 year sentence…… there are people in here with less time for taking some ones life or hurting a child ……but in many ways prison has been good for me….I’m in a routine now and have made the choice to work on myself…..I attend Celebrate Recovery ,A.A …Maintaining Recovery Group , Catholic Services ,I’m a bee keeper …I try to stay really busy….I’m sure most people have no idea what prison is really about …..it a world all unto its self ….it doesn’t work …..prison just creates more criminals ……I pray that Americans see mass incarnation doesn’t work ……I just hope to leave prison with with a sense of direction and more common sense than I came in with ……I hope you will contact me at

Karen Denise Newberry
G.D.C #952642
Lee Arrendale State Prison
Box 709
alto Ga. 30510

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