Carlos Piper

Relationships Behind Bars- by Carlos Piper

so today is officially my first blog entry and I’m kind of in my head so ima just share my thoughts.. so I’ve been locked up for about 8 years now and its so hard to find or keep a loyal female around to hold you down and what I mean by hold me down is someone who can support me emotionally, mentally and be there with me through my struggles, and I see things different when it comes to maintaining a relationship behind bars because I’m not that needy like most prisoners may be for starters I rarely if ever asked a female friend for money I’m more like a “answer the phone so we can converse or come visit when u get a chance” type of dude i pay for my calls and compensate for any expenses if she’d like me to, cause I like to build with a female not use her, but i swear now in days it seems like there ain’t any loyal chicks… I’m not so selfish to think that a female is gonna stop living her life or stop dating for me being as though I had a lot of time to do so I compromise n make a lot of changes to accommodate her as well in order to get the most out of our situation but my lack of physical presence makes them not want to stick around and I get it but it hurts…iv learned since being locked up that building a relationship through conversation and good vibes without any physical activities is a beautiful thing I don’t know many that can say they fell in love with someone before they had sex, its very possible and it also strengthen the physical connection when it does happen and it helps you learn the person you’re talking to better, people my age RIGHT NOW been having sex with someone for over a month and don’t even know their last name, I know from experience cause when I was on the streets I was fuckin with chicks for months that only knew me by my street name but sometimes as you get older you have a change of perspective on alot of things in life I know what type of nigga I am I’m handsome, fly, intelligent and I’m talented among many other things so i wouldnt have this problem if i was in society but the same females that been in and out throughout the years are assuming that I will come home and fuck with them because of history I have with them but how I feel about that is if you cant hold me down when I needed you the most I’m definitely not about to come home and give u the best me I’ve ever been mentally,physically, and spiritually I want a wife someone I know that can support me through my struggles as I would her and at this point in my bid a year and a half left to do not one female friend or ex is around but it taught me a valuable lesson, that everyone isn’t who they say they are or, who you think they are and you most definitely find out who the real friends are when in this situation so I close out with this yea I maybe locked up but I’d say that Im more of a lost to them then they were to me because I have so much more to offer then dudes my age now in days and despite my situation I haven’t been stagnant while incarcerated my drive has propelled and prevailed….

Carlos Piper
DOC #680422D


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