My Best Friend My Love by Jennifer Prince

Crystal meth and I became very close. The difference between how you choose to ingest your choice of drug is like doing a new drug each time. Doing a line, or smoking a glass pipe there is no comparison to the needle. The rush alone is orgasmic. No I take that back, better. It makes you feel as if there is nothing or no one who can stop you. You finally get that body you always tried so hard for but for the love of chocolate could never reach.
Well that was a smoke screen for all the things in life it robs you of. Things that really matter. Feelings you should embrace and learn how to deal with, mental illness that can be maintained with a good doctor, the joy of going to school, graduating high school and college. Finding a career, buying a home, falling in love, raising a family, and seeing the world. Crystal meth let’s you believe that there is time for that later. It introduces procrastination at its best, pipe dreams, and a million plans and list that you’ll never complete because by the time you get out the front door “if” you even have a front door its so late all there is to do is go back in and plan for the next day.
Crystal meth allows people to get that chance to crush your soul, to control you, make you think your going crazy. Domestic abuse becomes a lifestyle, if not physical than mental.When you used to feel strong and confident you find yourself second guessing and allowing things to go on that you never imagined..Things Steven King wrote of like that scary clown It, no longer seem scary because now not only have you seen worse you’ve now done worse……

Jennifer Prince #W45626
16756 Chino Corona Red.
Corona, Can 92880
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