Joseph Langdon

mental slavery…..By Joseph Langdon

I’ve been submerged in this valley of dry bones,for the last 20years.Now I don’t claim to be an expert on human behavior but if experience is indeed the best teacher,then indeed I’m more then qualified to teach.You would think the systems sole purpose would be to,rehabilitate the people who are here.That’s not the case,most of the prisoners held hostage in these asylums, leave worse then how they came in.If the objective was for us to exit the prison system well prepared,there would be mandatory programming such as job training,trades,money management classes,as well as independent living courses.These are some of the things that would be needed for a person who’s been away from society,to succeed. I’ve been in prison since the age of 19,a mere teenager now I’m 39,and not once did any institution I’ve been held in tell me that I had to enter into any type of Mandator class that will help me excel in life upon my release.The system doesn’t care if I succeed, all they care about is locking us up and keeping us socially handicapped ,institutionalized and traumatized so that we keep these human warehouses packed,and fully operational, so that they continue to make money off of our oppression.What would happen if every prisoner who was worth salvaging,was given the proper tools needed to become productive citizen?There would not be these many prisons used to house us,infact the money being used to build prisons would go to funding more departments of education,and not departments of corruptions…..Think about it.Every thing good about me,I’ve obtained on my own journey of self liberation.My only goal in life now is to inspire people,to be better versions of there selves.Prison is not the end of the world,you can actually come in here a boy,and leave a whole man but you must first make the conscious choice to do so.I can speak for myself,I’ve wriiltten two books,I took it upon myself to be the best man that I can be,so that I can help other youth who might be, in need of guidance change their way of thinking, so in return they can improve the quality of their lives.Those in my relative situation,let’s rise above the mentality of the slave,and be liberated so that we can then become the liberaters.Thank you for hearing me out.

Joseph Langdon
DOC #614-183

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  1. I could not agree with you more. There are other countries around the world who place more importance on rehabiliatation…like Norway. What good does it do anyone for inmates to be thrown out unprepared, to maybe resorting to re-offending? I get fired up about this one!


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