Dan E. Johnson

Being Lonely by Dan Johnson

Well I know everybody defines “being lonely” about the same. I can tell you what it means to me. It means not having a reliable person to depend on. It also means that when a person feels so low that even when and if you become rich, you just won’t be happy no matter what. Trust me, I know first hand. It’s soo lonely at the top! All that will change though as soon as I get home. I’m not easily friended so when I do find a good friend, then it’s a friend for life! I just will really be glad when I do get home and pickup the pieces. If I do get a good friend I was thinking of getting married someday. Who knows what the Lord has instore for me. Either way I await patiently. I think the key to anything worth having is making a good foundation. And that goes for businesses, buildings, relationships, etc… I am a true believer and I always walk what I talk. Like for instance, when I am released it would be good for me to have some kind of a friend on any kind of level. Because my chances are slim to none as far as me meeting anyone. I have too many things to do and will be extra busy. But I’m okay with it, it could turn out to be a good thing. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate and having someone demanding more of your time. I can concentrate just fine, it’s just that while I’m out taking care of my business I need to be allowed that space. Some people require too much of their love ones time. I’m one of those few people that goes, take care of his business, then come home and spend good quality time with my family.

Dan E. Johnson
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