Now at midnight all the agents and superhuman crew
Go out and round up everyone who knows more than they do
they’re gonna bring ’em to the factory where the heart-attack machine
Is strapped across their shoulders, and then the kerosene
Is brought down from the castles by insurance men who go
check to see that no one is escaping to Desolation Row…

–“Desolation Row,” By Bob Dylan,
As performed by My Chemical Romance

“When the enemy gives you two options, always take the third.”

–Meir Berliner, who died resisting the SS at Treblinka Death Camp

An Anarchist collective in New York City wrote to me– one of a million pieces of mail from anarchists sent to me in the course of my captivity. It was received here at Warren Corruptional on February 16, 2018. According to the Notice of Withholding filled out by Mailroom Fuckweasel Ryan Applegate, the correspondence was withheld, “Due to the contents being Anarchist Related.”
This signals the first time since 2012, in the long train of covert, dirty-war tactics to obstruct my personal communications that the fascist fuckweasels have openly declared war on anarchists and on anarchism as an ideology. Prior to this open declaration of war on anarchists, the fascists typically used silly and plausibly-deniable methods for targeting me and targeting my communications, but they had the sense– even if they didn’t have any decency or respect for human rights –to avoid outrightly declaring that they were specifically targeting communication because they didn’t like the “ideology.” They at least had the sense to know that their own constitution and laws and courts forbid government from discriminating against anyone for their deeply-held beliefs, whether the person is a democrat or republican or communist or anarchist.
In 2012, when Mansfield fascists, under the direction of the FBI, admitted to “ideological” targeting in their disciplinary processes, their own lawyer, Trevor Clark, soon arrived on the scene to un-do all of their paperwork admitting to “ideological” targeting, and instead developed a new rationale that would be acceptable to the federal courts.
That instance of “ideological” targeting led to me being tortured for a year in the Special Manglement unit under a special regimen. So, Ryan Applegate’s sudden return to openly targeting my ideology and banning the use of mail by anyone who is an anarchist signals the very real possibility that the fascists will again drag me away and torture me.
I find that personally troubling, as the last round of torture in 2012 was not exactly a barrel of monkeys for me. But, this is also troubling for a number of other reasons, and indicates a kind of all-out war that prison officials intend to wage on anarchists, one that can be rolled out as a larger program beyond prison walls if successful here.
Consider, the fuckweasels’ own constitution and courts forbid the government from targeting or regulating expression based upon political, religious, or social content. It has long been accepted that some government worker who is a republican, for instance, cannot use his authority to silence democrats– or vice-versa. Even in a prison environment, the fuckweasels’ own supreme court has long held that prison fascists have no authority to exclude incoming mail on the basis of that mail’s political or philosophical affiliations.
Consider also that anarchism is a political philosophy that predates either of the existing political parties in the United States. Bakunin was labeled an “anarchist” at– I think –the Third Communist International. Prior to that, they called themselves “libertarian socialists.” At any rate, the political philosophy of anarchism predates Abe Lincoln’s presidency.
If we think about anarchism more broadly– as the belief that horizontal structuring of human society is preferable and more sustainable than the vertical ordering of human society –then the “anarchist” approach to social and political organization pre-dates the current, hierarch dystopia by about 4 million years.
Humans lived in largely non-hierarchic tribal societies for millions of years before some asshole imposed hierarchy on everyone. That means long before deluded hierarchs, there were anarchists– folks who preferred non-hierarchic life.
So, there’s no real argument that anyone, including Ryan Applegate, can present to say that anarchism is not a political belief system or a political philosophy or a social system. There is no argument to say that anarchism doesn’t have the same constitutional and legal protections as all of the inferior and ridiculous political philosophies of the deluded hierarchs, including the stupid political beliefs of Ryan Applegate. The hierarchs’ own courts have long settled this question.
No government fuckweasel can point at a prisoner’s incoming mail and say, “We’re going to withhold that because it was sent to you by anarchists, or because it has anarchist ideas contained in it, or because you yourself are an anarchist.” I will do a whole presentation in case law separately in order to demonstrate that, so that fuckweasels like Ryan Applegate in the Warren Corruptional mailroom will have as thorough of an understanding of his government’s laws as I have… and then he will be almost as qualified for his job as I am.

So, what this particular withholding signals is the absolute impugnity with which the prison fascists are now openly targeting anarchist beliefs– their own laws be damned. This is a threshhold event, not just for me personally but for anarchists generally. Consider, while fascists are intercepting my incoming mail, they are also, simultaneously, intercepting someone else’s outgoing mail. That is, whatever I am receiving, it was obviously sent by someone else– someone else who has a right to their own beliefs and expression, someone else who has just as much right to self-identify as an anarchist as they have to self-identify as a Presbyterian or a carpenter or a candlestick maker.
Until now.
This means that Ryan Applegate’s (and Warren Corruptional’s) declared war on anarchist thought and beliefs impacts more than just me– it impacts anyone out there who self-identifies as an anarchist– whether in New York or California or Greece. Let’s not forget, this fascist fuckweasel works for the government, and the government has just now decided that its decades and centuries of recognized rights no longer apply to anarchists. He hasn’t come to this conclusion all on his own, in a social vacuum. No. Plenty of incremental steps leading up to this point have informed Ryan Applegate to think of this event as a logical, next step, to think of this discriminatory targeting of anarchists as okay.
Ryan Applegate and Warren Corruptional (and the government generally) have now essentially declared anarchists to be “non-persons,” that all of the laws and protections afforded to hierarchs no longer apply to anarchists or to our beliefs or communications. As we are “non-persons,” we are stripped of our social existence; our expression can be erased from the so-called “marketplace of ideas.” The very “anarchist” nature of our beliefs and thoughts make them subject to be regulated, eliminated, criminalized.
Anarchist ideas are now equated with a “threat to the security of the institution” and with violations of “state and federal law,” as described on the form.
Ryan Applegate and Warren Corruptional have declared war on not just my existence, but have declared war on the existence of anarchists everywhere. A government agency has imposed a kind of precondition upon the use of federal mail, a precondition upon free expression: You must be a hierarch for your rights to be recognized; if you are not a hierarch, all bets are off.
Nothing in the fuckweasels’ own constitution or laws indicates that only hierarch morons who are too deluded to see that the current system has never worked as advertised are the only people with the right to express their stupid ideas; nothing in the fuckweasels’ own constitution or laws indicates that only hierarch morons too deluded to see that the current system has never worked as advertised are the only people with the right to use the federal mail.
This new, imposed precondition is incredibly dangerous. To eliminate the right of expression for any group of people– whoever they are, and whatever their beliefs –is to eliminate their social existence, their presence in the “marketplace of ideas.” And, historically, when any group of people are silenced, when their ideas are eliminated from the public discourse, when they are relegated to “non-persons,” it is not so long before they get rounded up and exterminated.
Anarchists are the new Jews.
Welcome to Nazi Germany, 1936.
That is the fuller implication of Ryan Applegate’s Notice of Withholding, of the current climate that makes Ryan Applegate think that writing such a notice is okay: the ideological targeting of anarchists by the government, the elimination of anarchists’ “personhood” and the selective erasure of rights only for those of us too smart to drink the hierarch Kool-Aid.
The enemy has declared war on anarchists.
The enemy is waging that war.
Chances are, they will continue waging that war and progressing toward their ultimate aims unless a situation develops that makes it too uncomfortable, too painful for them to do so.
Here’s to bringing the pain.

* * *
Anarchists who want the fuckweasels to know how they feel about this open declaration of war on anarchists can call the prison and ask for Ryan Applegate’s extension: (513) 438-4255…
WCI (513) 932-3388
Or Chief Inspector Antonio Lee: (614) 752-1677…
Or ODRC Counsel Ryan Dolan: (614) 752-1765…
Or email the warden’s assistant, Greg Craft:…
Or send faxes to any variety of publicly advertised fax numbers already posted online:
Warden’s Office (513) 933-0150
Deputy Warden Special Services (513) 932-2241
Deputy Warden Operations (513) 934-0763
Business Office (513) 932-2241
Cashier’s Office (513) 932-4021
Commissary (513) 933-4522
Education (513) 933-4567
Food Service (513) 933-4508
Garage (513) 933-7416
Human Resources (513) 934-2106
Maintenance (513) 933-4514
Medical (513) 934-2902
Mental Health (513) 934-2901
Ohio Penal Industries Factory (513) 932-6773
Warehouse (513) 932-2108
WCI (513) 932-3388

Or, if anarchists want to get face-time with the fascists declaring war on them, they can find Warren Corruptional by going to GoogleMap and punching in 5787 State Route 63, Lebanon, Ohio. If silly, stupid hierarchs can find this shit-hole on a regular basis, I’m certain that anarchists can find it too…

* * *
Sean Swain
DOC #A243-205

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