“The Misunderstanding” by Nathaniel Bell

Being incarcerated for over 14 1/2 years, I’ve had my fair share of misunderstandings dealing with my sexuality. Since the beginninng of my incarceration, I’ve seen other guys that are gay say the lingo of words like “Heeeeeey Girl!” or “Yes Bitch” or the other stereotypical sayings. The other gay guys are more flamboyant and a bit diva-ish among each other.(And let’s be clear, there are other gay guys that are on the down low.) This prison facility and the others are used to this one dimensional type of gay. But what they don’t realize is that there are many different shades of color of gay but each and every one of the shades are beautful in their own way. However, not all gay men act the same way and not all gay man talks the same flamboyant lingo. That’s where I come in to help clean this up a little. Nobody even know that I’m gay unless they ask me or I tell them. But when other inmates get the story of my life from others, I notice that others appoach me like I’m a chick or something, and that’s not cool.So I have to explain to everybody that I’m different, and I’m a guy, so treat me like one. I go into detail and tell them that I like the X-Games, soccer, UFC, Ballet,cooking shows, working out, fishing, rock music,fashion,techno music…. basiclly showing them that we are all unique for a reason. The only thing gay men have in common with gay men is that they are attracted to men and have sex with them. Personailty wise: we are many different shades of Masculinity and,femininity. Some more masculine than others, some more feminine than others and some are both inbetween. Pretty much the same applies to straight men and women. You’ll get some straight men/women who are more feminine than masculine and vice versa.To some it can be confusing,but all people have to do is ask qustions and quit assuming what a person is or isn’t. But one thing I’m not confused about is myself. So if you what to know,… just ask man damn!

Nathaniel Bell
DOC #78997

Categories: L.G.B.T, Nathaniel Bell

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