“Friends” by Matthew Shepherd

Everyone has friends right? Some people more than others. Some friends are more loyal than others. Some friends need to be comforted more than others. Some friends are the comforters. Friends are there for you when you need them. True friends are hard to find and should be cherished. I consider myself a true friend. If you need me I’m there I’ll give you the shirt off my back. I’ll weather the storm with you. Everyone that’s in or that’s been in my situation can vouch for this, 98.5% of the people we consider friends aren’t. They are acquaintances. 😦 I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but its true. These people dress like our friends. These people look like our friends. These people act like our friends. But trust me this is all smoke and mirrors. A sure way to find the friends among all the people you know on FB, IG, SC, G+ and any other social media platform and in real life is end up in a situation (which most of us will at some point in life) that is considered a burden. Now this doesn’t have to be prison this can be anything that keeps you away from everyday socializing. For instance lose your job and home and be forced to downsize. Have a rough time mentally with depression. Do anything that alters your life from the norm. You will notice that a lot of those “friends” the people you laughed with, helped out, hung out with, watched their kids grow up etc. they disappear. Its crazy some are gone immediately others will fade out. Everyone should have a few friends. Be someone’s friend its a little harder than the acquaintance position but trust me the reward is so much greater. 😉

Side note: Everyone is doing good on social media. That’s why there are so many friends. Duh :-/

Matthew Shepherd
DOC #1117588

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