Alan Thrower


by one god
I don’t think anybody really knows what goes on in prison. it’s hard to continually try and stay positive without not letting what goes on in here effect you. Everyday it seems like more and more pressure is being applied to inmates by controlled rules and regulations that do not have the effective results in rehabilitating inmates so that we can grow, and actually live productive lives as citizens in society. As the late Tupac Shakur once said “we ain’t meant to survive cause it’s a set up” I find this statement to be true in every aspect, because the more you fight against the system the more convicted you become. Even having a voice to be heard is ridicule, making it impossible to talk about what’s really going on. “it’s a set up” in that, you’ll be buried under the prison for standing up for the causes that will change systematic concepts that prisoners live by everyday. They don’t make the rules, we do but can we agree that something isn’t working? The California Prison System is the worst and most broken. Nothing adds, only subtracts. The odds at which we face is incredible. The only way to turn out here, is to your own race. Race division is the biggest problem you will ever see in california. Between the Mexicans, Blacks, and Whites, none can cross over to bring solutions on how to stop the ever growing divided amongst the three groups so as we’re left with dirty correctional officers to fix a problem that’s been occurring way to long to even attempt to try and fix. So they fall straight into the games of over-oppression and racial divided, leaving inmates no real options on how to change. I’ve been in prison eight years, and its crazy because I now realize that the only way out, is to keep fighting, and hope to not fall victim of the viscous California prison cycle.

Alan Thrower #AI1509

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