Matthew Newton

A temperary brake in the norm. by Matthew L Newton

For most of our lives we are tought that the outcomes of things are simply the result of what ever we are willing, or unwilling to put into to what ever it is that we are doing. This education renforces itself in our later years as we gain a greater understanding of what ever it is we are or we may want to be doing.

Do what you want, want what you do, and the outcome will be pleasing. But is this true? Is it even true in our own personal perspectives of truth?
Do what you want, sure, and be willing to deal with the consequences of what you’ve done. Be open minded to the weight of your decisions and be ready to face the outcomes as they arrive.
Want what you do, okay, yet the want that you may have may conflict with the social or communical norms and the way you are able to want may conflict with your own view of how a society should function.

So here in lies the trap. Wanting to be you is as simple as wanting to be anybody. In a world where the norm has been tipped on its head and the way your are is no longer predetermined, being a tree is just as readily available as being a human.

(Although, if someone chooses to identify as a tree, and someone else chops them up and uses them as firewood, should that person then be found guilty of any crime? Chopping down trees doesn’t seem to be that big a deal…..)

The point is this, be human. Do what ever a human can do. Be what ever a human can be. Be with whom ever or what ever a human can be with. Work how ever a human can work nad believe in what ever a human can believe in.

Feeling the need to run around pointing a finger at yourself simply because you want the rest of the world to know exaclty how you view the world you’ve created for yourself seems, to me, inhuman. Fake, and needy.


Humans have been here for far, far longer then the internet. We can survive without social media. We got along for thousands of years before any of us knew what indentifying even was and we seemed to make it.

Maybe being human is as easy as just that. Being. Maybe that why we started calling it Human Being in the first place.

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868

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