Furnell Brown

“The Race Card” by Furnell Brown

To many times I’ve seen my black people use “the race card” as an excuse for not being able to get what they want, failures, and set backs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying racism don’t exist in America, but I don’t believe it’s the reason for every “No”, when the no is coming from outside our race.
Here is one example; About a month ago, a middle aged white guy moved into another dorm and the bed he left vacant was a “fan bed”. Fan beds are rarely open and they are in high demand because they are directly in front of the fan. Dept. of Corrections don’t provide A.C. so summers in here are hot as hell! Three black youngsters, not simultaneously, asked the LT, who is white, middle aged, for the open fan bed. The LT gave the same answer to all three “I’m going to see what I can do”. Then a middle aged white guy asked, and he got the bed. When the three youngsters found out the LT gave the white guy the bed after he was last to ask, their responces were all the same, “that fu*kin LT is a racist”!!! If I stopped the story here or view it from a racist prospective, then, I too would say the LT is a racist but I’m openminded and there is more to the story. The area where the bed became available is occupied by layed back, middle aged and older whites and blacks, myself included. The 3 youngsters are loud and disrespectful which lead me to believe it was more of a character call than race. If a older black man would’ve asked, I truly believe the LT would’ve given him the bed.
Alot of times in life we will have opportunities rejected, only to be filled by someone outside our race. Not everytime it’s because we’re black. I once heard a wise man say “We don’t see things how they are. We see them how we are”. With that said, I will close with, if you always feel you are being discriminated against, the racist may lie within.

Furnell Brown
DOC #394357

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