Vichai Saly

Introducing Vichai Saly

Greeting to everybody and all people touched by this introduction.
My name is Vichai Saly, I am currently incarcerated for making childish decisions. I have been in since the year of 2003 and my current release date is 2038, but wait there is hope for all of us, at this instant, my case has been accepted by the Court Appeals and I am waiting for the process to become finalized. That is another fork in the road that we can talk about at a later date.
I am of the persuasion decent, I am turning 40 in February, 5’11” with light brown eyes, skin is golden brown and I am 198 pounds. I am family oriented, love animals, good listener, and will communicate.

“Are you the one”
Everybody believes that there is a somebody for everybody. Are you the one, that somebody, that everybody talks about. Truly are you the one?

My Contact information:
S.C.C.C. H-1-B-126-L
191 Constantine Way
Aberbeen, Wash. 98520
or #732654

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