Shortly before the publication of ‘Last Act of the Circus Animals,’ Little Black Cart sent a copy of the book to me. LBC had sent me prior publications without a hitch, and there existed no rational reason why the mailing of ‘Last Act’ would be any different. It met all of the rules for incoming printed material and should have been processed and given to me.
I never got the book. I also never got any notice of its withholding. And it never got returned to LBC. Mysteriously, it just disappeared.
Morons who work for the fascist police state think that if they steal the piece of mail, I will just never know that it existed and they’ll never have to answer for it. Like there are no other means of communication to keep tabs on their thievery.
So, when the first copy of the book disappeared, LBC got with their staff counsel and had their staff counsel send me legal communication.
Prison regulations are pretty clear what constitutes legal mail. Mail from a lawyer marked legal mail is legal mail.
I never got it. I never received any notice for its withholding. The mail was never returned to the lawyer. It just disappeared.
It seems that these jackwagons not only continue to steal mail, but they seem to never get any better at not getting caught. You would think they would either quit it or get better at it. But, no. They just keep doing it… and doing it badly.
This kind of criminal conduct seems to be undertaken with the kind of arrogance that no one will do anything about it. Their arrogance is, so far, well-founded. They have Warden Shady Three-Eighty signing off on all of their crimes, and it would really be surprising if the orders for all of this did not come from the FBI, through their agency liaison, Trevor Clark at Central Office– which means no appeals or protests to anyone in the prison system will result in any relief from these shenanigans. Filing complaints and grievances is useless, as proven by the thousands I have filed about stolen mail already. The Corrections Institution Inspection Committee is worse than useless, serving as a pom-pom squad for the fascist fuckweasels. The courts are not only irrationally inimical to prisoners, not only dedicated to deliberate injustice when it comes to us, they add insult to injury by gouging us for court costs and leaving us destitute if we don’t shut the fuck up and take it.
So where do you go?
I don’t think all of that adds up to a reason to surrender and to accept this dismal lot, to let them get away with their oppressive crimes; I think it adds up instead to a perfect argument for direct action. Rather than appealing to fascist fuckweasels to stop their fuckweaselry, or appealing to their institutions such as oversight committees and courts, you simply take it upon yourself to make them more miserable than they make you. That is, you demonstrate in a very real and immediate way that there are consequences for actions.
When the State addresses us humans and shows us that there are “consequences” for “actions,” that is called “justice.” But when you, as a human, so much as declare to the State or to its flunkies that there are also consequences for their actions, that is called “threats.”
See, what they do is, they misdirect you through all kinds of useless and endless and fruitless paper-shuffling processes that all end with the State justifying itself, whatever atrocities it has committed. And they pretend that those are the only avenues available to us.
But they are not. Those are just the avenues that the State affords us– mediated and indirect processes where the State controls the end result.
There are millions of other avenues we can pursue.
We are not permitted to talk about those. Talking about those constitutes “threats.” When you propose that the State is not the only one who can steal property, the State screams, “Threats!” When you propose that the State is not the only one who can impede someone’s rights and privacy, the State screams, “Threats!” When you propose that the State is not the only one who can impose itself by violence, the State screams, “Threats!”
Never mind that the actions that the State hypocritically denounces as “threats” are the very same actions that the State conducts daily. In fact, the State doesn’t just conduct those actions, it attempts to monopolize them.
So, as of now, the thieves’ confidence that nothing will happen to them as a consequence of their thievery is well-founded. No State institutional process will ever hold them accountable.
So, who will?

* * *
Sean Swain
DOC #A243-205

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