In 6th day GOD created male and female. by Rudy Alvarado

I think it’s very important to share this life with someone, that’s why GOD said… it is not good for man to be alone, I will make him a helper. and GOD brought the women to the man.
relationships are a blessing and play a very important role in completeing a person as a whole, without the other person it’s impossible to continue a legacy of that blood line, and leave behind history of moral and ethical traces guiding generations after with honor and a sense of pride.
I know that even in to days society there is not one relationship that is perfect, some may have meltable baby mama’s and baby daddy’s, but GOD has blessed every person with a chance to have thier own familys and start their legacy.

Relationships are also very delicate and vernable to harsh sercumstances and negative influences, I pray that all people in relationships guard and protect their love ones from selfishness and narrow mindedness, putting to much pressure on the other can make a person feel unappreciated and taking advantage off. careful who you let around your relationships, there are some evil people out there given the chance will try to destroy and ruin a beautiful relationship due to jalousie and envy.

In conclusion, I would will continue with interesting subjects and look forward to hearing any feedback from anyone, please send pics along with your responses. thank you

Rudy Alvarado
DOC #981388


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