An innocent man by: Isadore Barboza

My name is Isadore Barboza I’m 48years old will be 49 July 20th, I’m from Boston Massachusetts, I came to jail in 2013 and was sentenced to life without parole,I was falsely accused of killing 1person but was indicted, tried, and found guilty of 7counts of murder by an unjust justice system, the legal system here in Georgia is wrong in so many ways and if you don’t have money to pay an attorney your screwed every time.
Before coming to prison I worked construction, and spent time with family (grandkids) I’m a father of 3 with 5grandchildren..
What I seek is a fair shot at my freedom,assistance with attorney fees,or a pro bono attorney who would be willing to fight my case for free,and any and all support to get me justice (out of prison)…
I have a strong faith in God and believe 2018 is my year to get out so help me in the struggle,together we can beat an unjust system…
I can be reached a couple of ways 1) ISADORE BARBOZA 1001655192, p.o. box 5368, Valdosta Ga 31603 or 2) at Georgia department of correction ISADORE BARBOZA 1001655192.

An innocent man

PS feel free to ask any question all will be answered honestly..God bless..

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  1. Correction- Ebone was not the liquor store owner, she was apparently the intended target of a robbery, along with her boyfriend? Facts are not real clear. What are the facts?


  2. According to this article, you were convicted because the liquor store owner (named Ebone) shot and killed your accomplice, and then you supposedly shot and killed Ebone. The cops found a cell phone on your accomplice and on the cell phone they found a woman who drove you and accomplice to the crime scene and picked you up after ward. She apparently made a police statement to this effect, or she testified against you. So, what do you mean you are innocent? What part of the story is not being told here?


    • Right, the were at docs ( a sports bar) they tried to Robb Ebone and “Mike” . After Qunndre beat her she was able to get to her gun and shot him. “Izzy (who made this post ) then shot her in the back took her car and left Qunndre to die in the car ( that’s the summary) …Do your time DUMMY !!!


  3. I love you and hope one day you make it home to your family you are truest missed and loved by so many love you


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