Love & Care, by Marcus D. White

Prison has shown me what love is! Which may sound crazy, because for the most part, you lose everything & everyone you love when you enter prison. However, real love doesn’t stop at a fence and a few walls! It may be harder, take more time, thought and effort, but it just doesn’t stop!
Everyone loves you when things are going good, because it’s easy, but it’s hard to love when things are going wrong. Especially, when the person has wronged you, but that’s when they need love the most! I am not talking about the watered down version of love now used by the world. We love money, cars, cloths, food, animals, etc., with the same love we love our spouses!
Love is nothing more than a strong feeling or sexual desire! However, to Care is to worry/worry about, take care of! We have forgotten to Love & Care, because to be effective you need both!
The other part is simply Loving & Caring for the person (a wise woman taught me that)! Not what they do, don’t do, make you feel, give you etc., because if there is a reason, the moment they stop or can’t fulfill whatever it is you’ll stop loving them. I have felt like I’ve had to earn love my whole life, because of my mom’s drug addiction. I became a perfection, because I have been looking for love in all the right, but wrong places. (I like being a perfection, because though I know I’ll never be perfect, I enjoy giving and trying my best everyday) I like the way, the adopted brother put it on “This Is Us”.
I noticed at a young age, that if things were right/in order when she came home, the night would be good, for the most part. So I always tried to think of everything that needed/could be done, as not to set her off! The same thing with my relationships. If I couldn’t give, be or do whatever they wanted/need, then I felt like I wasn’t good enough!
Prison taught me to love myself! If I don’t love & care about myself, how can I expect anyone else to? How can I properly love someone else? I want to be the best me I can be everyday, but for me!
With that said, please, take the time to love & care about yourself today and allow someone that may not deserve your love & care, to know and feel it, because your love can make all the difference in the world. Don’t do it for them, do it for you, because you can’t properly love yourself or anyone else while holding on to ill feelings! Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins! (a wise woman told me that)! It’s the little things in life, that mean so much! Love, Peace, and Happiness!

Marcus D. White
DOC #499-320


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