[mass e-mail for posting, re-posting, tweeting, re-mailing]

I’m looking for a few savage-cannibal collaborators…
First, mailroom fuckweasels stole the Secretary of State’s mail to me that included the registration of the Army of the 12 Monkeys as an unincorporated association. It’s patently illegal to steal the mail.
Second, when I sued the fuckweasels for stealing my mail, mailroom fuckweasels stole the clerk of court’s return mail to me, making it impossible for me to litigate my lawsuit for stolen mail. Again, illegal.
So, when I sent out a request for an injunction in the court to make the fuckweasels stop stealing the court’s mail to me, the fuckweasels stole that before it went out. Yet again, illegal.
As a consequence of the repeated mail thefts committed by the fuckweasels in order to obstruct my ability to report their criminal conspiracy to the local court, I am left no direct recourse to courts. So, I have to count on savage cannibal maniacs out there in the free world to contact the clerk of courts and let the clerk know what I’m up against.
My hope is that folks everywhere will post, re-post, tweet, and email this call-out EVERYWHERE so everyone reading this can contact the Warren County Clerk of Courts, repeatedly if necessary, and send the following message:

TO: (513) 695-2781
Dear Clerk:
Sean Swain is held at Warren Correctional. He is the Authorized Agent of the Army of the 12 Monkeys, unincorporated association. He has directed a civil action to the Warren County Court of Common Pleas for theft of mail from the Secretary of State to him as the Authorized Agent of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Your response mail to him was stolen by prison officials who will not serve your mail to him. When prison officials informed Sean of the theft of mail, Sean attempted to send an injunction to have the court compel prison officials to stop stealing mail, but prison officials stole that mail before it left the prison.
Sean requests that you either contact the warden’s assistant and demand the service and processing of Sean’s mail to and from the court or else construe this email as a request for an emergency injunction.
To contact the warden’s assistant and demand the service of mail to and from the court, email
As a consequence of mail theft by prison officials, Sean is held judicially incommunicado, a victim of a criminal conspiracy, and he needs your help.
Thank you.
* * *
Any responses from the clerk can be re-mailed to for posting so folks can monitor these events in real time. I can then update the messages to be sent back to the clerk…

Contact representatives from Warren County and tell them about Warren Correctional’s mail theft and their ideologically-driven dirty war:
Rep. Paul Zeltwanger (614) 644-6027
Rep. Ron Maag (614) 644-6023
Demand that they investigate mail theft and make the criminal fuckweaselry at WCI end!
The more emails and calls, the greater the chances of getting the nonsense to end so that I can pursue my lawsuit and expose these criminal fuckweasels.
If no one hears from me for more than three days, pre-arranged protocols will begin and folks everywhere should contact media to let them know that I’m on a hunger-strike, refusing both food and fluids because prison fascists have silenced me completely for fear of my exposure of their criminal agenda.
Media contacts:
Julie Carr Smyth, Associated Press, (614) 221-5134
Karen Kesler, National Public Radio, (614) 466-4046
Jeff Gerritt, Toledo Blade, (419) 724-6467
John Caniglia, Cleveland Plain Dealer, (216) 999-4097

My deepest gratitude to savage cannibal maniacs out there. These fuckweasels have only one power that holds them in check and stops them from killing me: YOU.
We struggle.
We win.

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