Dewayne Overton

friendship by Dewayne Overton

in case anyone was wondering im 28 years old and i’m always here if anyone wants to talk my address is EDCF, Po Box 311 El Dorado, kansas 67042. Well, to start a friend to me is one whos there when we need them the most no mater good or bad but a friend is also one who does’nt put his/her friend in harms way. When you need someone you can count on them and they won’t leave you hanging or forget about you when you go through a tough situation.sometimes it can be as simple as taking a few minutes out your day to call or write them and tell them how much you appreciate them let them know what there best qualities are because they may not know or see it within themselves, that’s may be enough to show them that you care. Remember, sometimes it’s the small things in life that makes the biggest difference.

Dewayne Overton
DOC #104565

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