Introducing Paul Stotts (First day of college class in prison)

My name is Paul Stotts #93319, I am 29 years old, I came to prison in March of 2007, release is in 2028. I’m in Kansas Department of Corrections, Lansing facility. Contact is via J-pay or Paul Stotts #93319 PO Box 2, Lansing, KS 66043

Today, I enrolled and attended in a prison college program here at the prison. I’ve taken several of these classes and working towards an associates degree. The prison college programs here in Kansas are all set up differently, depending on the facility your at. Some are set up via video, with the professor at the college, and us on camera. Other prisons have virtually no college program… Luckly, I’m in Lansing facility which is very close to the metro Kansascity area and has one of the best college programs in the state. The program is sponsored by Donnelly college, a local Cathlolic college. The rates are $75 per credit hour, this class being 3 credit hours at a totla of $225. This is a reduced rate that the school offeres us prisoner, and there are also limited scholorship opportunities available (based on your grade in class.)
Professors come in, we have a classroom, the books are oned to us to help with the expensive textbook fees, basically we have everything a normal campus classroom would include, (minus laptops and cellphones.)
This semester there are 2 classes offered. One is an Algebra class that I’ve taken several semesters ago, and the class that I attended today is English comp 2. The class had 10 people in attendance, there was an 11 individual that was a no show. The class composed of 5 whites and 5 african americans, not quite representing the population as a whole of the Kansasprison system, but possibly somewhere close. The class was offered to anyone who was willing to do the work, this included all the inmates in the Max. and Med. yards. or approxamatly 1,200 inmates. It seems a little on the low end that the class only composes 10 of us… but that is the numbers. One student mentioned that he will be going out of prison about 3 weeks before the semester ends. The professor asked sarcastically if he would be willing to come back inside the prison to finish the class. The student adametly stated “no way,” but would be willing to do any extra work to get the credit needed to finish. I’m sure accomaditions will be made.
Education is one the most exciting and fun ways I’ve found to spend my time in prison. I’ve taken distance learning classes through the mail, classes over video, and my favorite, classes with a pprofessor in class. The latter being by far my class of choice. One semester I was blessed taken a class by an 80 year old nun in person, but that will be a story for another day. This is my first blog ever, so hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about one of my prison days. I will share more as the semester goes on.

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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