Gerald Okarski

Introducing Gerald Okarski


my name is Gerald Okarski I’m a 28 year old incarrerated individual I’m doing a 12 1/2 year I’ve been in prison since June 1 2010 so I’ve been in prison over 7 1/2 years and i get out april 30th 2022, I’m staying strong hoping for people to hear my story and the story of my people
I’m a you white native more white then native I’m 5ft 6 inches very fit I love to write, read and all sorts of stuff I’m fun, out going and just plain amazing if after you read my blogs and want to know more and build a friendship and to tell me there story because I want to know and help in every way I can I know I’m young but I’ve had a long hard life and I will talk about it but also talk about my community L.G.B.T I will help people know us and how we have to servive in prison with all discrimination and hardship I ask any busy and everybody to read my stuff with an open mind so thank you

my contact info:
Gerald Okarski
doc# 325607
Stafford creek correction center
191 Constantine way
Aberdeen WA 98520

please put full info on any letter sent to me in the snail mail you can also contact me on use my name and doc number I would love to hear from everyone thank you

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