Introducing Nathaniel Bell

My name is Nathaniel Bell. (But I go by Nate for short. I was born June 14th,1983.( so that makes me 34 years of age) I was born in Wichita,KS. I am a twin to my beautiful sister Nakeea. My intake date is 4-23-2003. My earliest release date is 4-23-2028 and that only to see the parole for release.I am a black male. I am single. My sexual orientation is gay.I am a masculine male. I am an honest person. I keep it 100% all of the time. I am loyal person. I am a seeker of truth. Finding what works for me,Discovering my own truths.I am learning something everyday. I am a spiritual person. I don’t believe in putting a limitation on spiritual growth, so if your are a Christian one day, and then the next day you try wiccia, I am totally fine with it, because it is up to you to determined how you want to grow spiritually. And you can’t grow without experience. I am a outgoing person who love meeting other outgoing person because they are not afraid to live and tend to understand the meaning of being in the moment. I am a singer/songwriter.I am determined to become successful dispite my incarceration. I have a you tube site under Nate Bell that a friend of mine (from the street) did for me.Check out “Weird Science Sh**”. I write universal music. That mean, I write any genre I feel necessary of the emotion that I’m feeling. I love all types of music. My favorite vocalist are Chino Moreno, Cory Taylor, And Christina Aguilera.
I am a huge fan of Techno music. I love shows that makes you laugh like : Family Guy, American Dad, Mom, Will& Grace, The Mick, Happy!, and I am a sucker for The Christley’s,…etc..and more. I am a HUGE FAN of martial arts. UFC,MMA..etc.My favorite fighters are Cowboy Donald Cerrone,Sage,Cyborge, Robbie Lawler, and Myles Jury. I love martial arts films. Bruce Lee is my soulmate. I love watching soccer. I love fishing,Working out, and being around positive people. The guy’s in entertainment I love are Colton Haynes, Gus Kenworthy,Matthew Daddacio,Jake Dalton,Max Emerson, Cheston McElhaney,Kyle Krieger..and others.If you don’t know who I am talking about then please please look them up! They are a true gift from beyond.But My favorite guy out of all of them is Colton Haynes because He’s from Kansas. Like right outside of Wichita. I swear His aunt or relative,(somebody) was a teacher at my school at Metro-Midtown in wichita the year 2001. She was my computer tech teacher( Mrs. Haynes)and she stayed in Andale too. OR mabe I was mistaken. But I swear! Anyways…. Here I little about me. But I asure you there will be more to sure. until then, all the best to all who read this.

Name: Nathaniel Bell
DOB: June 14,1983 (Age 34)
Intake Date: 4-23-2003
Release Date: 4-23-2028

Contact Info:
Nathaniel Bell #78997
PO BOX #311
Eldorado, Ks 67042

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  1. I really hope one day you see this Nathaniel (my brothers killer) Bell. I hope you one day you read this and can feel the HATE! and RAGE I have against you, funny how now you consider yourself a “blogger” and how your life can continue but my brother, my brother didnt have a choice! My brother didnt have a chance to call himself ANYTHING! Because of YOU! You ended his life at just 22!. I wish i would be able to say this to your face! I was just 9 years old when you did this to him and now im 26 and finally have the courage to say all rage that has been building up. You took a brother from us, a son away from my mother. You murdered the person who brought you into his home and gave you a roof over your head because YOUR FAMILY DISOWNED YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR SEXUALITY!! and this is how you said thank you to him! It makes me sick to my stomach that you even have a nerve to get on here and want to do blogg some bs and tell stories of your pathetic life! My mother never had the chance to say goodbye to her son, and I hope everyday you feel the pain my mother felt after YOU did this to her son.

    The sister of the person you KILLED you MURDERER!!!


  2. I found you only because I told my child about my friend who was killed many years ago. I just wanted you to know. I miss him. I miss you José.


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