Introducing Nathaniel Bell

My name is Nathaniel Bell. (But I go by Nate for short. I was born June 14th,1983.( so that makes me 34 years of age) I was born in Wichita,KS. I am a twin to my beautiful sister Nakeea. My intake date is 4-23-2003. My earliest release date is 4-23-2028 and that only to see the parole for release.I am a black male. I am single. My sexual orientation is gay.I am a masculine male. I am an honest person. I keep it 100% all of the time. I am loyal person. I am a seeker of truth. Finding what works for me,Discovering my own truths.I am learning something everyday. I am a spiritual person. I don’t believe in putting a limitation on spiritual growth, so if your are a Christian one day, and then the next day you try wiccia, I am totally fine with it, because it is up to you to determined how you want to grow spiritually. And you can’t grow without experience. I am a outgoing person who love meeting other outgoing person because they are not afraid to live and tend to understand the meaning of being in the moment. I am a singer/songwriter.I am determined to become successful dispite my incarceration. I have a you tube site under Nate Bell that a friend of mine (from the street) did for me.Check out “Weird Science Sh**”. I write universal music. That mean, I write any genre I feel necessary of the emotion that I’m feeling. I love all types of music. My favorite vocalist are Chino Moreno, Cory Taylor, And Christina Aguilera.
I am a huge fan of Techno music. I love shows that makes you laugh like : Family Guy, American Dad, Mom, Will& Grace, The Mick, Happy!, and I am a sucker for The Christley’s,…etc..and more. I am a HUGE FAN of martial arts. UFC,MMA..etc.My favorite fighters are Cowboy Donald Cerrone,Sage,Cyborge, Robbie Lawler, and Myles Jury. I love martial arts films. Bruce Lee is my soulmate. I love watching soccer. I love fishing,Working out, and being around positive people. The guy’s in entertainment I love are Colton Haynes, Gus Kenworthy,Matthew Daddacio,Jake Dalton,Max Emerson, Cheston McElhaney,Kyle Krieger..and others.If you don’t know who I am talking about then please please look them up! They are a true gift from beyond.But My favorite guy out of all of them is Colton Haynes because He’s from Kansas. Like right outside of Wichita. I swear His aunt or relative,(somebody) was a teacher at my school at Metro-Midtown in wichita the year 2001. She was my computer tech teacher( Mrs. Haynes)and she stayed in Andale too. OR mabe I was mistaken. But I swear! Anyways…. Here I little about me. But I asure you there will be more to sure. until then, all the best to all who read this.

Name: Nathaniel Bell
DOB: June 14,1983 (Age 34)
Intake Date: 4-23-2003
Release Date: 4-23-2028

Contact Info:
Nathaniel Bell #78997
PO BOX #311
Eldorado, Ks 67042

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  1. I found you only because I told my child about my friend who was killed many years ago. I just wanted you to know. I miss him. I miss you José.


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