Brian Matthews


Song Pick: “Part-time lover” by Stevie Wonder

Just when you think that DOC personnel couldn’t get any more obtuse….

As if to prove my point to a “T,” SCCC mailroom personnel censored my latest outgoing email which criticized the DOC for their criminal activity. The censored mail consisted of my personal writings as it pertained to the illegality of DOC repressing my freedom of speech because my emails expose DOC’s bullshit. Literally, they suppressed my email which talked about DOC suppressing my email by falsely claiming that my writings are contrary to prison rules or law.

What was the new reason for censoring my most recent emails? “3d party.” WTF? My email was written to a specified person, point period. It wasn’t written to a 3d party, it was written to the intended recipient. Besides ripping off my money for my jpay stamps, these miserable little trolls (my opinion) in the SCCC jpay monitoring department either don’t know how to read or don’t know how to read (intentional repeat they’re that ignorant) because the message they just censored talked about the illegality of censoring my messages for non applicable reasons. Imbeciles.

So what am I supposed to do? I could waste my time and attention with the proverbial distractions of administrative grievances and get nowhere over a 90-day period of time. Or, or I could remain proactive and practice a basic tenet of Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) which states: “whoever has the most flexible behavior in a system has the most options in the system.” Flex my behavior, utilize my options.

The observant one will notice that one is still able to read the aforementioned “censored” email. If one needs an explanation, one does not get an explanation. But where there is determination and ingenuity, results will be had–regardless of any trogladyte knuckle-dragger which attempts to put their beak in my protected conduct. ”

Brian Matthews
DOC #796769

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