Sean Swain


[As recorded for the Final Straw Radio Show, for broadcast on 08 October 2017.]

I hate to repeat myself but I think this bears repeating in light of recent events and the dialogue about where we go from here: I’m a firm advocate for political violence. I believe that we will not achieve a future we deserve without recourse to bullets and bombs– in addition to campaigns of sabotage and other forms of resistance.
My advocacy of political violence has earned me 1297 pages of FBI files and has most recently drawn the denunciations and scorn of Ohio Assistant Attorney General Timothy Miller. In state civil litigation I have filed against prison fascists, Ohio Assistant Attorney General Timothy Miller has sought leave to litigate anonymously. He put a big black block over his signature block for fear of me learning his identity. He did this in mortal fear that, if I knew who he was, he would be attacked by ski-mask-clad, molotov-throwing, machete-wielding savage-cannibal swainiacs. So, he intended to fight me in court with a paper bag on his head to conceal his identity.
Most recently, this hysterical drama-queen has filed court papers alleging that my advocacy for political violence makes me some kind of security threat that somehow justifies prison staff confiscating whatever I write and tossing it into a wood-chipper without affording me any kind of review process. That is, people who reasonably advocate political violence become non-persons with no recognized rights.
Assistant Attorney General Timothy Miller works at 150 East Gay Street on the 18th Floor in Columbus, Ohio. His email address is That’s, all in small-case, except for the “T” in “Timothy” and the “M” in “Miller.”
His phone number is (614) 466-7447. That’s (614) 466-7447.
Somehow, my advocacy for political violence is an issue with poor deluded Timothy. He pretends he has a problem with political violence. However, as the assistant attorney general for the (alleged) “State of Ohio,” Timothy Miller must also recognize the legitimacy of political violence. He claims to represent the (alleged) “State of Ohio,” so that means he sees this “State of Ohio” as valid, as legitimate. He gets his pay-check from the “State of Ohio,” and he no doubt cashes it.
But this “State of Ohio” didn’t just emerge into the world as a product of magical beans and unicorn poop; it came about through a process of political violence. General Josiah Harmar invaded this area and slaughtered indigenous people here, followed by General “Mad Anthony” Wayne who exterminated the owners of the land.
Political violence.
Before that invasion by the U.S., Ohio was ground zero for the first documented instance of biological warfare as small-pox infected blankets were handed out to Native Americans with the intent of wholesale genocide. Adolf Hitler later wrote in ‘Mein Kampf’ how he was inspired by this, and based his own strategy of “liebensraum” or “breathing room” on this systematic extermination.
So, my point is, Timothy Miller’s beloved Ohio was born in blood. Political violence. Ohio Assistant Attorney General Timothy Miller doesn’t claim to work for the Shawnee or the Ottawa. He works for this “State of Ohio,” so clearly he recognizes the legitimacy of his employer. And that means Timothy Miller is in perfect agreement with me, that political violence works, and that political violence is legitimate.
One step further, consider also: This alleged “State of Ohio” is part of the United States, which gained its independence in the Treaty of Paris– I think, in 1784? The U.S. became independent from Britain– as a result of successful political violence. They shot redcoats in the back, becoming cop killers centuries before Ice T rapped about it. Their act of economic terrorism– destroying tea and burning the boats that carried it –crippled the British Empire. It was the single-most effective act of economic terrorism before the September 11th attacks.
That means that, before this alleged “State of Ohio” was born from political violence, the United States was itself conceived in political violence. And since Ohio Assistant Attorney General Timothy Miller doesn’t pay his taxes to the British Crown, I can say with absolutely certainty that he accepts the legitimacy of the United States and, by extension, accepts the legitimacy of political violence.
So, again the question that divides us is not whether we accept the legitimacy of political violence– because every American does. No, the question is who we ought to shoot and when we ought to shoot them and under what circumstances. The question is what team you’re on and what opposing team you want to shoot.
Officer Jason Stockley, who is firmly on the fascist police state’s team with Ohio Assistant Attorney General Timothy Miller, says things like, “We’re going to kill this nigger,” before employing state violence. And after he employs that state violence, a judge on Timothy Miller’s team says such advocacy for killing “this nigger” is “ambiguous.” And yet, in all of my advocacy for political violence that so shocks Timothy Miller’s team, I have never said anything quite as unambiguous as that. I have never said, for example, “We’re going to kill this assistant attorney general,” and I have never actually shot anyone 5 times after making such a statement– like the fascists on Timothy Miller’s team have.
But, for some reason, anarchists who rationally advocate for political violence are demonized and villainized by the Timothy Millers, by those who deploy political violence and those who defend those who do– on behalf of the fascist state.
What do I know, but I think it is more than irrational for the Timothy Millers who worship violent states arising from genocide, who themselves defend atrocities and crimes against humanity, to expect us, the victims of their violence, to advocate “nonviolence.”
Liberation, for the occupied, springs forth from the corpse of the occupier. Be sure to share your thoughts and feelings with Ohio Assistant Attorney General Timothy Miller.
This is Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain from Warren Corruptional Institution at Lebanon, Ohio. If you advocate political violence, you ARE the resistance…

Sean Swain
DOC #A243-205

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