William Malicoat

by William Malicoat

my name is will, I am 38 years old and have been incarcerated since I was 22, I will be out in early 2034. this is my ice breaker or introduction.

I felt like a young kid who was grasping life by the seat of my pants, one foot in the game and one foot in the family life. I sold weed to make tons of side money, always had a good job and worked hard. The game took me down an unexpected journey, prison!
I never really knew what prison was like or even about other then what I saw on TV or movies, Shawshank Redemption was my idea of prison. It became my reality after being sentenced to murder, they sent me to Walla Walla, the states penitentiary.
after nearly 15 years since my start of this sentence I feel like a voice is inside me who could reach the youth and tell a story that could maybe help. even if its one person maybe the ripple effect could travel and reach their family.
my thoughts behind blogging are truly motivated by positive change and paying it forward. I brought a group of men together years ago and we made an oath we would reach the community of youth through our real life testimony, in hopes for positive change. I am so far behind with technology that this seams very foreign to me,but new and exciting. I am willing to take a chance at something new and opening new doors will hopefully bring new fruits of life my way.
I would like to share in my first blog one of my stories on stealing, if anyone would be interested in hearing it. its a form of stealing that many people don’t think of in the term of stealing. in my group of guys we picked a variety of topics we chose to write our stories or testimony on and stealing happened to be one of them.
however, this is my ice breaker so they say in Toastmasters.
you can find me at
will Malicoat 851494 jpay.com or
Stafford Creek correction center
191 Constantine way
Aberdeen was 98520

Will Malicoat
DOC# 851494

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  1. Hey, Will!
    It’s been so many years since I saw you last. I Googled your name this evening, out of curiosity. Amidst all of the links to articles and court documents that tell a story of the William I didn’t know, a link to your blog jumped out at me. It’s good to hear your “voice” after all these years. Many good memories, bro, like epic 4th of July celebrations, came flooding back to me.
    I was at Stafford Creek in 2010-2011. I wish we would have crossed paths. Take care, Will. If you read this, know that I’m thinking of you. Keep your head up.


  2. Willie, I miss you cuz. Reading this just makes me remember you so much more then the pictures on our wall. Keep your head up always. I love you.


  3. HEY WILLIAM ITS DAWN your mom and my mom where good friend as kids just want to say i am here for u lov ya miss ya my mom past 11=26=06 i am going to wright u soon i just heard about this i have been living cali just come back to wa lov ya will….. u still my friend in my book


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