Timothy W. Elkins

Introduction Letter by: Timothy Elkins

Timothy W. Elkins, 33 years old, (October 21st, 1983). Writer/Poet, Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist.

Select Personal Philosophies:

(Relating to matters of business, finance, creativity, imagination)

Enterprise has no security but to bear out the moral posture.

(Relating to matters of education, effort, community, self-improvement)

The sculptor wields many hammers and chisels before a man or woman emerges from the marble.

Favored personality traits:

(Relating to identity)

I may just be a guy seated quietly in the periphery waiting for this bastard world to disappear in a puff of smoke.

(Relating to fellow man)

I am unjustifiaby patient, compassionate, charitable, considerate, loving, forgiving, and ultimately very concerned, whatever the reciprocation.

MBTI Personality Type INTP

In conclusion, I trust and believe in Jesus Christ.

CONTACT: Timothy W. Elkins A636630
5900 B.I.S. Rd. SW
Lancaster, OH 43130

Timothy W. Elkins
DOC #A636630

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