Washington State Legislature! (part 1) by James Chambers

Washington State Legislature And Washington State Doc are not proving that they care about recidavism or reentry .Because if they did they would look at the cost of sending unhealthy men and women back to community . It has been shown that the food Wa Doc is serving inmates in Wa state prisons is cause serious health issues ! This diet is all processed food being made by inmates that work for correction industries . How crazy is that inmates making the food they are being forced to eat that is causing them harm ! (see the report writtin by former food manager at washington prison voice .com ) Should really change there direction of feeding inmates unhealthy food if they really care about sending productive peaple back to communities that will be able to support themselves and their families ! Most men and women are fathers and mothers do it is very important for them to be able to work ! Alot of men and women in Wa state are serving very long sentences so this is very serious issue for many peaple ! Even the governor signed excutive order about serving processed food but i guess this doesnt apply to Wa state Doc or correctional industries

James Chambers
DOC #743702

Categories: health, James Chambers

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