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To Proceed :
Having knowledge that none has the right to be worship
except God firstly, and then asking God for forgiveness
thenacting upon that.

So there is a must to having knowledge, as it is to having
guidance to God..

God revealed (the book) and He sent the messenger to direct us
upon the correct path which we must follow..

This is beneficial knowledge and righteous actions as God says “it is
He Who has sent His messengers with guidance and the religion of truth..

Guidance here means the beneficial knowledge and the religion of truth. means righteous actions..

It is a must that both affairs are combined (together) the beneficial knowledge and righteous actions is what the Prophet came with..

One may not come with knowledge only and without action or vice versa,
these are the two things that must always be coupled together, the
action must be founded upon knowledge and sound insight..

It is imperative that the person of knowledge speak, work, and their
actions be based upon the knowledge they have gained during their lifetime…

If a person come to a point in life were they chooses not use their
gained knowledge, without doubts that act will destroyed them over time…

It is only those who have beneficial knowledge and righteous actions (who are saved) This is the reason that God sent the Messengers….THE END….


To Proceed :
Once again I must share this fact it’s a bad situation if you inherited your religion so I share the knowledge I have, the best thing I can say is in you starting your journey I say read upon the Prophets..

Many time I will speak on religion or about Islam, I am a Muslim been
since 1996 so I am a believer…

I’ll never write a blog to put down another religion or a person that’s
doing their thing on what they believe in…

Thank you for your time, Please leave your thoughts, opinions, and knowledgeable words, or just to say hello as I have said we can
be better together..

*As you see I still have lots to share, going on my 3rd – year
as a Blogger on 12/6/17 will be 3yrs.and to make this day
full of meaning can you please assist one in need !! THANK YOU..

I’LL REMIND YOU ON 12/6/2017….


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