Steve Anderson

WE ALL CAN BE BETTER, in sharing…

*Having understanding, caring about anothers struggle enough to want to assist as much as you can..

It’s a lot of things in life I have done and said, some in the up most hurtful ways not all many though..

Then it’s said many time through out the day that were the hardest on ourselves, I don’t feel that’s so true in this case, to be hard on myself assists me to go hard in being and giving better..

You I’m a believer God fearing and all that if I seek the better that brings me to be, then that’s what I would pass on to others friends, family, and all in passing will get get the real and any topic is up for new discovery’s..

I have asked God for many times over to fore give me, repentance comes with doing good things for others wholly heartily that is, with no bragging rights or trying to get some in return..

Them acts our unjust to self and the one your trying to take kindness to a unjustly level..

God don’t like ugly, but He loves the ones that’s fair and just….

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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