This is so cool that I have a dog again. It feels so good to see Willy laying at the foot of my bunk on his mat. Just looking at him sleeping, it puts a warm feeling in my soul.

I look at the crate in he corner of the cell and can’t help to think how rare it is to have a dog in a cell in prison.

I very easily could be one of the many who live in a 7×10 cell. However I get a 11×10 cell. Its slightly bigger and a lot cozier.

There are 2200 inmates at SCCC and there are just 25 inmates in the dog program here and for the last 6 months just 5 cells with a dog. That’s a small number.

Now new dogs have finally started to come in. I am one of those 3 cells with one.

Having Willy here next to me makes me feel less locked up. Less like I’m in prison and that’s awesome.

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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