Steve Anderson

GOOD DEEDS YOU CREATE TODAY, assisting the struggle is always joyful….

If your soul disobeyed you in that which you hate, then yes it
will not obey you involving in most of that which you love..

So ones desire is for that which will last forever and their abstinence
and moderation is for that which will come to an end..

One mixes knowledge with forbearance..

One holds their tongue to remain safe, unkind word sacres the heart,
and talking idly is a waste to having nothing worthy to say..

To speak is to bring understanding, in sharing knowledgeable words to and for the people, in always showing a handsome disposition in order too passing the good to another person is just as too the watering of a
seed that produces growth to and for the good of creation..

One does not do good to show off and one never abandon
any good out of shyness,, and sitting with the poor people or
the ones thats up in age is always filled with rich talk
just with the fact they been on dry land longer then me..

Please give time too leaving your Thoughts and Opinions, or some knowledgeable word…

It’s many ways we can grow, I think one two of the best are
to be a self made seeker and to share with others, Im with it,
cause Im a seeker to understanding, knowledge, wisdom, and the
other tools that brings one better and good health..

I’ll be back in two shakes of a feather,,,, ITS JUST NOT THE END YET….

#~ IT’S PLANED OUT-{] ~ you must play your part, it is your choice….

There are three things that are rare indeed and due to God’s grace :
human birth, the longing for liberation, and the protective care of a perfected God..

If we don’t have this longing to transform ourselves, we say nonchalantly,
“Whatever comes my way, that is what happens..”

And when we have this kind of stagnant feelings, nothing really takes place..

There is no fire, no whirlwind, no great change..

We just go on with life..

Once upon a time we were very little, then we become a child, then
we became an adult, then we became an old person, and like
everybody else, we will go to sleep in a graveyard..

In this way, nothing never happens..

If longing is there, then the fire is there..

And the protective care of a perfected God”- this comes to us when
there is absolute surrender from within..

We experience true grace and compassion only if there is absolute surrender, only if there is this longing, and only if we have
the experience of how rare lif really is..

THE END (NOT) NOW its more


Exspecialy the ones that lie to your face, why would you not
dismiss them, it’s hard on one that got to work in a plan to
retrusting a person, it can be done it’s hard though cause doubt has
been created in ones words and action, that plays in your mind..

Very unfair sure enough, you must decide on this treachery act..

If you tell it, or say it, keep that shit real 100%,, it aint
cool to cut the truth in 1/2 or try to down play it
in any fashion….

People are always trying to hear and see waht others is doing,
many are not trying to gain understanding, some is just looking to tell some dirt on another person…

Then you have many people that wish to shares the good of
ones characteristics and manners or some knowledgeable words laced with wisdom and motivation, it’s that good brain food though…

One person told me looking at others in a negative fashion or funny
way, it only tell how one sees themselves, I can’t take from that…

First fact is everyone was raised different, and not only that reason, but some people be doing some weird things that one ain’t even thought about being apart of, I ain’t going to go into that at this time…

Is it a personal delusion when one say something about another person ? when it’s not so nice ?

In judging others, could it really be a serious defect within self ? or
is it just a corrupt tendency of ones mind…

Could this be the worses defet that one could have ? I say yes
cause your in everybody’s else’s mixs, that’s not being or showing concerns about your life…

Staying focus is more to minding your business, and skipping the trips, keeps ones mind healthy, cause you stop being in everyone’s else’s business…

We are asked not to judge others, to stop talking about others,
to stop gossiping, to stop trying to impress people and be yourself
if another don’t like you it’s their lost to getting to know
the uniqueness that your heart and soul holds…

To see flaws in another make you one to not be a seeker…

One do not give time that don’t bring, sound knowledge, wisdom, understanding, the things that brings better a [seeker]…

A gossiper and a fool can never be trusted, or listen to…
You should be very alert and vigilante when listening to others…

And it’s good for your life to not tell all your affairs, its
not a delusion at all that the people that hate can bring the unness
to ones world…

So yes once again to stay safe is minding your own affairs…..[the end]….



this day went by faster then yesterday….

When you consider it, then this worldly life is nothing more then
three days : the day that has passed by and so there is
no hope in it….

The day you are living in, and so it is proper that you
should make the most of it, as it is said live for today
to the fullest of your ability….

And the day that is to come, concerning which you have no
knowledge of whether or not you will be of it’s people….

You do not know if perhaps you will die before reaching the beginning
or the midday or end of the day safely, God knows best….

So concerning yesterday, it give you wisdom and you are educated by it..

As for today, then it is a friend that is bidding your farewell….

However, although yesterday has made you sad because it has passed away, it still leaves its wisdom in your hands to act upon for the coming days….

Even though you had neglected it, the day after it came as a
replacement for you, this following day was absent from you for a long
time, while now it is quickly journeying away from you, time awaits for no one….

And there is tomorrow, ~ its hopes are in your hands ~ so take
to relying on doing [good] deeds, and abandon the deception that is connected with the hopes, before your appointed time arrives, and beaware of entering upon a day, having tomorrow or other future days as your main concern and worrys….

[If you do so] you will increase in anxiety and difficulty, and you
will wish to collect during your day, what will suffice you for several days….

How stupit ! for a person to in up being preoccupied, one’s grief gets worse and ones toil and labour becomes great then the person ends up neglecting doing [good] deeds as a result of these hopes the person has in tomorrow and the future days….

If you were to remove the hopes you have in tomorrow from being
in front of you, then you would make your actions in this
present day, better and to the good ;

You would confine yourself to the problems and concerns related to this present day with making sound decisions for all situations.and issues….

On the other hand, the hopes you have in tomorrow would call you to neglect [those good deeds] being unfocused is just as bad as the unknown, also can be called the unness, (meaning) unnecessary, unfair,, situation, or issues….

If you wish, and if you allowed yourself, then I will describe this worldly life as being one hour between two other hours – the one that has gone past and the one that is to come, and you are in the hour that is between….

Well I’m hoping many if not all enjoy my words if so please
tell a friend so they can have a fair chance at learning something
new, or the gaining of a new or better understanding from my (WORDS)….

And if you have any free time of just five minutes please leave your thoughts, opinions, knowledge, feelings, or just to say HI….



Once one understands this one must act upon knowledge of the fact, we all have a part to play….

Have a wonderful day….


Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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