Steve Anderson

ARE YOU A BULDDER, that gives time to investing….

That’s how one creates the situation to last forever..

So I ask you this, do you support the things in your significant other life
that gives them joy ?

The greater part of building a joyful, happy, loven relationship has to do with both of you constantly Making investments in each other’s lives..

Love is at it’s best when its not about “I’ll get mine,
then you can get yours.” that’s even a bad deal in the bedroom,
and I’ll only shows you ain’t got skills to moving your partners
fun thing..

Indeed it’s best the conscious, deliberate, and consistently search for ways that your effects and contributions can enrich both of
your lives as being a couple..

And yes your soulmate is busy trying to do similar enrichments
that will also add joy, happyness, and growth within each of your mind, heart, and soul..

Real love is evidenced by the quantity and quality of thing you
support in your lovers life and provide for them a life of
nourishments too their mind, body, and soul..

Nourishing your partners life is not a vague abstract concept..

It is as practical and specific as the things one must do
to nourish any and all things of creation assisting it to thrive
and flourish, not too merely exist..

Feeding, watering, securing, examining, and making provisions for it cause everything in creation to grow, including the one you love and self..

You nourish them and they do you ! all to the best of
ones ability, one can’t get ice in hell so why ask or look forward to that..

When you offer the person in your relationship some of the things
they doesn’t absolutely need but brings them tremendous joy, like flowers, candy, messages at their job or having a hot bath, them things is cool,
but you must upgrade your (GAME)

When you take their most cherished aspirations seriously and rally your resources to help them achieve them..

When you invest in the things that enrich their life..

When you encourage and support their efforts to advance more in education, career, or their most physical, spiritual, or mental well being..

When you accept and make accommodation for the time they need for adequate solitude, reflection, or revitalization even though it may temporarily take them always from you.

Now when you nourich their life with any of these starter kits I have given, it shows that you place a high vaule on the things that can be enjoyed and bring healthy growth to our lives..

Stay alert to discover what things put a spark of growth and delight in their eyes, then do everything in your power to provide it’s consistent presence in their life..

Feel free to ask them what’s on the list of the most treasured and soul nourishing things that in their private world, and ask how can you assist them in making it happen..

The key is to listen and act immediately.

OK I know this is long, but hay it’s packing power, and here’s my last words and also very imperative..

Investing heavily in the things that nourish the one you love provides

You’re really saying is that you
love and treasure them…….The End…


Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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