Steve Anderson

WHEN GROWTH,, IS GIVEN, too & fore another,, the road take you~for an unconditional journey…..

(Part-1-titled,,{Loving A Person with all the tools})

The rewards of growth, #1- developing the shared journey that’s given by God within two people hearts, #2- the goodness of growth thats delivered freely to friends, family along with anyone that the two interact with..

People Im speakin on growth with another person it’s bigger then what the world could ever give YOU, having another person that really relates
to you understand, care, and chairish the times spent with you, and Respect’s your views and the passion you hold fore your goals..

Just the title of part #2, tells you a story of the importance of growth,
it’s nothing comparable to things that can be accompanied within this world, growth will gives you a fulfeelment thats developed within your heart by a persons [WORDS] and [ACTIONS] along with [YOURS]..

To develop unconditional love, well yes it’s for the two hearts that God bring together, a very fulfeeling blessing, and it last forever and a day, because of the heart is not only unpredictable but it’ll always have you doing fulfeeling activities that will nourish both of you get a dose..

It’s a long list of [must factors] that speak boldly in one being receptive to developing the imperative tools # 1 being having an open mind, along with upgrading your communication skills too matching your action with your words, and being spontaneous let’s one know that the hearts do speak to one another..

People you can’t make your love life become your whole life, one be flattered by the feeling that one is the center of your universe and
that you dent seem to need anyone or anything else in your life..

It’ll do more damage in the long run, sure one should want to
become best friends and all that, but your life must be balanced, like
having a hobby that you like to do it’s a long list of things you
can add to this people let your mate comes with
truth and respect..

Now, to be honest, your needing me so much feels like a heavy weight
on my shoulders..

Something not right with this..

For a healthy person in a healthy relationship, there are two parts of you that together makes the whole..

One is your desire for the sense of connectedness that sharing your life with your mate brings..

The other is your need to stand separate and apart from your mate
in the independent side of your nature..

Your desire for intimacy is not a curse..

Your craving for independence is not a crime..

But if either of the two is out of balance all kinds of
problems can and will result..

If most everything you value, pursue, or accomplish in your life is connected to, or initiated by, your mate, you have surrendered your ideno as an individual..

And if you are not able to be happy, whole, and content apart from your relationship with your better half they will eventually find you to be more of a burden then a blessing..

Because when you love life becomes practically your whole life, you don’t have enough life of your own to share with anyone else.

(please enjoy)

When one speaks on relationships it’s certain tools that hold its bond together, then it’s certain things one can do to bring healthy growth that makes the relationship stornger, and creates a better understanding and that brings one to be closer in more then one way..

Turn off the lights and lite a candle..!

It’s many other quality that can assist to having a frutful relationship, without all the timeout over bullshit arguments, or hear what your problems or.. y

You must know what you two have together ? sometimes it’s just an
sexual attraction, be honest with yourself if its time to go roll out..

If saving the relationship can be devloped, it must be also understood it’s going to take both of you, starting with communication, patience, truth, understanding, and spending time together..

Most important to listen to the other person talk, being patient is to wait till their done before you be gain to respond to their words, and its best to use that time so you can respond respectfully, and appropriately..

Some seem to never to forget your wrongs when they get mad, the only thing they didn’t do was write them on the wall..

People love do not keep track of wrongs, always keep in mind, God fore gives who bare you not to, sure healing takes time be fair though..

This next sentence motivated me to get and keep my own place..


So if you move in just make sure you really know the person, cause if you find yourself looking for a place to stay and you had one, {YOU DID NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK}..

Well I know my blogs be long, but please give time to leaving your words that what MOTIVATES ME PLUS I ENJOY WRITING SHORT STORIES AND SO ON..

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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