Steve Anderson

IT’S MUCH GROWTH IN PONDERING, & it’s fun, & free…..*


I always told myself do something that brings growth today, and my future self will show the reward…..*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The End.

Life has always throwing curve balls that were unforeseen..>

Never the less, don’t try to wrestle with faith, you should always feel
better to play the hand you have been dealt…..*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The End

Some of the people that stand with you, will not stand by
your side when the Strom blow through into your life..>

It can get darker befor the sun shines, so on that note always
keep in mind you will be tested, and the good news is
God will not give you anything that you can bare…..
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The End

Make every step you take in life count, never forget who you are
and where you come from , and most importantly, don’t let money or anyone else change your identity or control you..>

And last and most imperative do not let money take you away from
your love ones and real friends…..*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The End

Over the years, not only as a bad guy but I still see it taking place more often now then ever and that is..>

Only a broke fool has time to argue, and beef over nothing, now if your paid up, it’s still no fun taking losts or wasting your time, staying focus is more fun and it pays the bills…..*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The End.

If your not getting what you want in life, you have to change
what your doing, now if it’s dealing with a relationship, then it’s also a must to look at yourself and see if you should change some of
your ways of your actions or how you choose to communicate..>

Anyone of them could be way to much to deal with [YES STREESFUL]
for a relationship, I mean just think ain’t it suppose to be between [US] against the WORD ? but we wasting time tripping with each other..>

It’s going to be some people against us even being together so
we got too always keep ours communication tight with eachother…..*

One of the most fascinating aspect of analyses self is that we never
really know when something extraordinary might happen, its many other things that make life an adventure, its not just getting something new and dazzling, it the process of many phases, cycles and ups and downs..>

All we really have to do is keep going and well see the
connections between other things that ordinarily seem unrelated..>

It’s like putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, but this ain’t a game it’s LIFE…..*

We need to sharpen our receptivity, our alertness, our openness, it seem sometime many people do not recognize what is available, few people even tap what’s being given so freely….*


Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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