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As for the Angeles (jinns), God created them from fire.~ With regard
to human beings, God created us from clay (at the beginning) then
from despised water ( I,e. semen) as stated by God..

So to believe in all the angels, those mentioned by God among them
and those not mentioned ; believe in all of them collectively..

Whoever believes in some of them and disbelieves in some is a disbeliever in all of them..

It (the revelation) is not from Jibril ; rather, it is from God, the Mighty and the Majestic.~ We believed in the Messengers and Prophets..”

A Prophet is one to whom a law had been revealed without being ordered to convey it ; while a Messenger is one to whom a law had been revealed and has been ordered to convey it (to others)..

Here’s a better understanding and more sound knowledge, on them both, a Messenger and Prophet..

The difference between a prophet and messenger is that a messenger is sent with the law revealed unto him..

Contrary to a prophet, for he is sent with the law revealed to a Messenger before him like the Prophets of the children of Israel..

They were sent with the message of Moses in the Torah..

So, they used to judge with the Torah that was revealed to Moses..

They did not come with an independent law..

Unlike a messenger, that was sent with an independent law and is ordered to convey it to others..

As for a Prophet, he is ordered to covey the message of those before him..

Though, a revelation may be given to him on a specific issue.~ This is the difference..

One single chain ; their religion is one..

So whosoever denies some of them is a denier of them all ; because what is with one is also with the others..

They are all sent by God..

The one who claims that he believes in Moses like the Jews, and disbelieves in Jesus and Muhammad. ~ These people are disbelievers in all the Prophets including the Prophet in whom they claim to have belief in Moses..

This is because in the Torah Moses came with the mention of Muhammad and Jesus, mentioned him in the Gospel about the coming of The Prophet Muhammad and in the Qur’an it speaks on all of the
prophets and messengers
With these statements and sound knowledge, hopefully you’ll gain the deliverance thats very clear, along with understanding that’s how we get better by sharing sound knowledge..

To proceed.~ Noah was just one of the many messenger and prophet along with Abraham beng with the same title’s, both assisting in lay the fundation for all the coming Prophets

Adam being the first Prophet with Muhammad being the last of the Prophets and messengers, that God has bestowed This mercy and
blessing upon him, and his family and his companion

Muhammad has been mention in the Torah that was givien to Moses, and in the Gospel that was given to Jesus.~ The Jews and Christians refused to give Muhammad his due rights as a Messenger and prophet that was sent by God..

The disbelivers and polytheist been denying messenger and prophets for many years so this is not unheard of

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Nothing can happen when fear is in your way, that’s why it’s imperative to make fear a strong motivator that assis in getting your..!


Steve Anderson
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