James Dizon

James Dizon

My name is James Dizon D.O.C # 379905 and I am currently incarcerated in Stafford Creek Correction Center. I just heard about this blog site the inmates like me can voice our opinions about how the prison system is… and let me be the first to tell you that segregation is not dead in America people… Just from 2 years of experience I have had seen some of the most screwed up politics in the joint. Where there is a line between black and white, and solid beef from sex beef. I’ve even seen strong arming from people within the same race. There was also this incident at C.R.C.C where I heard that a sex offender extorting another sex offender… Sad thing about laws and society is that US yes US make laws about how to treat us inmates and inmates get thrown in here not knowing that there are really predators among the day rooms… this blog is not for the purpose of scaring people out of the politics of the prison system but to stop it from ever happening… Thank you for taking the time to read my blog… and for those of you who are flying under the radar I pray for your safety… write me on jpay.com with my info if you would like to respond to this blog…

James Dizon
DOC #379905


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