At one time he used to idolize them, now he looks at them with disgust

He used to think they was his friends, but now he would never give any of them his trust

All anyone ever did was shake him like a leaf & leave him in the dust

Where they all at now, when he at his worst & the chips is down?

They still out there living life, running a muck around town

He not even in any one of their thoughts

But when he was out & they wanted to get high, wanted to party or wanted a female, they ways came around

They all had his cell number & they all always knew where he could be found

Now, he ain’t seen them or heard not even the slightest peep or sound

Why in the heck did he even BEGIN to call these people his friends?

Nah, they was really just monkeys on his back

Now that he rid off all the evil influences, his life is starting to be on the RIGHT track

Fortunately he stepped out the game with his health, his mind & all his limbs intact

With a REAL dermination to never again be derailed

His family has sat by as witnesses TOO many times as he has failed

He wants nothing more in life than for his Lord, his Mother, Father, Brother, Sister & Aunties to see him be a success

For once, he wants to involve people in something that don’t have to do with drugs, violence, or crime

He wants to set an example of how life is full of lemons & limes

That can turn into milk, honey & all kinds of sweets

He knows without an iota of success, his life will never be complete

That being said, he dares not & has VOWED to NOT EVER to go back to the streets

He’s strapped on his cleats

And he’s fighting as hard as he can, refusing to accept defeat

Refusing to be beat

Some would say since he is in prison: “How can you even compete?”

He says: “WATCH ME, it ain’t over till they drape me in white sheets”!!!

As long as his resources never deplete

He gonna make it SKEET! SKEET! SKEET!

His ambition is to have them HATERS eating outta his hands & kissing his feet!!!

He don’t forget what he came from & he remembers the “Hood Legends” he once idolized

He wishes all the ones still alive well but it’s time to say: “GOODBYE!” to them guys

Unless they can come together to set a positive example for next generations

Teach them not to worship & glorify anything but GOD & not to look at neighborhood criminals with veneration

Because in the end, them friends ain’t got nobody back, they only out for self

That’s why people in the game got the SHORTEST expiration date of anything on the shelf

He has seen how drugs & bullet holes can take a toll on & affect your health

He has seen good people die all in the cause of accumulation of wealth

The Devil operates in stealth

Lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to claim another soul

So seek refuge in God & don’t fall into the Devil’s hole!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

Categories: friends, Jonathan Gordon

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