Jonathan Gordon

THE PRISON SYSTEM IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!! (part 2), by Jonathan Gordon

Thanks/Praise to God

Not only are stereotypes portrayed to the public about people in prison, they are played out inside prison by the “Trusty” administration & staff.

In Washington State, as most States, prisons are built in small towns out in the middle of nowhere.

Most of the staff no offense to anybody, are “Country Bumpkin” “Hill Billies” who have never been around anybody who IS NOT white.

Not only are their views on different races shaped by media & them “Good ole Boys” they grew up hunting & fishing with, but their first contact with people who aren’t white is in prison.

So naturally being the fact that all the non white people the staff have contact with are people who are in prison…the only thing the staff knows about other races is how criminals act…so naturally, people who are not white are what? CRIMINALS: uneducated, poor & dumb.

The staff don’t really understand the street slang & never been exposed to it beforehand, so they see it as unusual alien “Mumbo Jumbo.”
Like a lot of people, what thy don’t understand they fear. They think that we are “Uncivilized” ‘Savages” from the “Hood” & too dumb to speak & understand “Normal” “Proper” English.

Some of the staff even walk around emulating the “Street” talk in a mocking way to their cohorts so they got something & someone to laugh at.

The racism & prejudice IS NOT masked & it don’t have to be…Why? Because they know there ain’t NOTHING people in prison can do about it!!! The staff proudly, blatantly flaunt & throw around their racism & prejudices in people’s faces. Taunting, insulting DARING someone to so something about it.

If a person was to complain about racial profiling & targeting, WHO CARES? His/her complaint would only go to another racist who is gonna throw out the complaint talkin bout: “According to DOC policy so & so such & such…your complaint is not grievable”

Basically they are saying: “F*** you you piece of s*** you are an inmate, nobody cares about your complaint, quit crying like a b**** you are in prison DEAL WITH IT!!!

“We protect our own, we run this b**** this complaint in going in the garbage you son of a b****”

“Keep up your whiny, frivolous complaints up n*gg*r & we will send some of our goons to toss your cell up & set you straight.”

That’s how DOC deals with people who are NON white!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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