Thank You, by Jai’mar Scott


hello world ! its me again and I will be the first to admit that it’s been awhile since you have heard from me and I am only writing now for one single purpose and that is to give a real and sincere shout out to Mrs. Suzie Jennings !

first let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! I know that its late but late is much better then never , right ? so if I could I would sing it out to you . I’m serious .

thank you for all that you do for us. we get our thoughts and words out to the world because of YOU . I know that you sometimes must feel unappreciated but just so you will know , you are appreciated and there are those who will not forget.

thank you once again.

okay world , I’m outta here but as always take care of yourselves , until the next time .

Jai’mar Scott
DOC #970703

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