Ramone Echols

The Bulls

I really didn’t want to use this to talk about the Bulls , but after what I watched tonight I have to get it off my chest . First , I have to say that D. Rose is playing like a b!tch !!!! The way he playing right now he looked better last season . Coach should bench his @$$ until he play like he wants to be a part of a winning formula , and like he appreciates that the city of Chicago , and Bulls fans around the world support him no matter what . I get into it almost everyday about a hater talking about D. Rose and my Bulls , and it’s to the point that I’m starting to tell them that they’re not from Chicago , so don’t talk to me about my Bulls. Then if they continue that’s when I start talking real foul . If D. Rose wasn’t from Chicago , I would say that we should trade his @$$ to the Mexican league for two bottles of tequila , four donkeys , three acres of land in a coffee bean field , and a platter of nachos . I’m so disgusted with him and the team right now that if I had to choose between watching them or re-marrying my ex-wife , she would be happy as hell cause we’d be together , Naw, I’m lying . Ain’t no way I’d ever be in a relationship with her again , and if they keep playing the way they playing my relationship with them is going to be as bad as my relationship with her. With that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this . Lebron James punk @$$ might win another title if D. Rose keep playing like a b!tch !!!! Maybe we can bench him and get the Minnesota Lynx to let us borrow Mya Moore for the rest of the playoffs .

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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