Ramone Echols

Being Released From Prison Soon

With me being so close to getting out I’ve been giving alot of thought to my future, and what is it that I can do to really make a difference in society ? And what can I do to cap off my legacy ? I’ve already made up my mind to work with at risk individual . You know , young gang members , teen moms , drug addicts , abused women , ect… I’m looking at starting a non-profit , but I haven’t figured out for which cause yet . I know that that’ll help make a change , but I figured if I really want to make a change I need to go into politics . So I’ve decided that when I get out I’m going to start by getting on a city council , and then I’m running for mayor after a few years . Sh!t , Marion Berry went to the feds , got out , and became mayor of DC for a second time . Ain’t that some sh!t . So I know that I shouldn’t have too much of a problem doing the damn thang myself . I’ve been politicing since I was a kid anyway from the streets to prison , so I might a well really make a living out of it . Now I’m going to put off starting my BA in sociology , and push the Political Science agenda . With that being said ,I’ll leave y’all with this . Just when I thought I was out I get pulled back in. In the words of Jay-Z , ” Politics As Usual . ”

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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