Ian Strawn

Prison Visits

my name is ian strawn doc 883484 i am currently incarcerated @ stafford creek corrections center ,ok today is a pretty big day for me it definately exceeds the norm i haev a visit with my sister niece step mom who is the only mother in my life and my brand new nepher yeah i get to meet the newest member in my family his name i kai im am super excited . well i am feeling really good today its the little things i life that can lift my spirits i am very gratefull i have these people in my life they have always loved me supported me and even when i have made bad choices even if they get mad they still love me . i am grateful for all the stuf i have in my life and the few things i dont have i am also grateful i have somthing to work twords achieving like today i am starting off on a good foot i have learned if you count your blessings in the beginning of the day rather than focus on what you need to aquire you will start off happier . . i want to apoligize to who ever may be reading this my last entry had some typos i was moving to fast wich i tend to do some time but i am limited to a mere 20 minutes at a time so bear with me . well im going to sign of as i have said i have a visit at 11:00 and it is 11:08 right now so to all who is reading have a blessed day and remember focus on the things you have then calculate what you want to work twords and achieve that and things worth haveing dont alwasy come so easy hard work will show its own value.

Ian Strawn
DOC #883484

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